Osher Gunsberg won't reveal which celebrity is under which head on The Masked Singer because he doesn't know

THE MASKED SINGER: Monday, September 13, 7.30pm, Network 10 / 10 Play

Unless you have been hiding under a rock, the promos for Season 3 of The Masked Singer, with the oversized cupie doll Baby singing "they call me baby, they call me her, that's not my name" will be stuck in your consciousness.

Behind the elaborate costumes designed by Oscar, BAFTA and AFI-winning costumier Tim Chappel, are ARIA award winners, Logie recipients, world champions and a member of the Order of Australia.

Wrangling these mystery artists, along with the equally over-the-top guessing panel of Dannii Minogue, Jackie O, Urzila Carlson and Dave Hughes, is the satorially attired host, Osher Gunsberg.

Not to be outdone by his guests, Gunsberg's bespoke suits are tailored to his physique like gloves.

"My exceptional wardrobe stylist Melissa Byrne creates my suits. She does all my styling working; we've worked together for years."

"She picks all the fabrics, designs the cuts, then hands it over to custom tailor Wil Valor in Brisbane. The truly heartbreaking thing is I only get to wear them once," says the garrulous Gunsberg.

This year's mystery singers are Baby, Atlantis, Dolly, Duster, Kebab, Lightning, Mullet, Pavlova, Piata, Professor, Vampire and Volcano.

After the performances the audience vote for their favourite and The Masked Singer with the least votes removes the mask while the panel and audience yell "take it off".

"Tim Chapel is so astonishingly good at what he does. He has a team of about 80 makers and they create the most fantastic masks."

But the singers aren't big people and are carrying about 15 kilograms on their frames cooled by fans, Gunsberg says.

"We're really careful with the health and wellbeing around them being inside the mask. There is a time limit and if we run long, we can expect the masked singer's minder to come in and lead them off the set.

But accidents can happen and, as we have seen in the promos for the show, Mullet loses his head.

"The security around who is in the costumes is extremely tight. When his head came off, which is the first time ever that's happened, his security guy slides across floor like an action hero to cover him up. I hope they keep that in," Gunsberg says laughing.

Asked how he and the panel portray such amazement at the reveal, Gunsberg says there is such tight security around who is inside the costumes.

"We're waiting for weeks to find out, we're jaded, in this industry our hearts are hardened rocks of onyx. So to actually have an absolute surprise and to be in the shoes of the viewer, is amazing.

"I love not knowing. I love that it means nothing and it's utterly preposterous. It's a pure form of nonsense on television," he says.