The Informer: Back to school, with some new rules

Back to school, with some new rules

Parents around the country are sending their kids back to school this week.

While the home schooling chaos that was 2020 is now behind them, COVID-19 still lingers.

There are different rules in every state around social distancing, mask requirements, whether you can use drink fountains and whether parents can accompany their young ones to the classroom for their very first day.

Education experts have also warned about anxiety and stress for vulnerable students and staff, fearing another lockdown in 2021.

For parents in South Australia, a fruit fly outbreak in Adelaide and the Riverina has led to warnings on what can be packed in children's lunchboxes, causing mass confusion.

The government advice for those in affected areas is to avoid home-grown fruit and "fruiting vegetables" being included in lunchboxes or outside the home.

The advice today sent plenty of parents into a frenzy on social media for ideas to avoid some ordinary school lunch boxes this week.

Elsewhere around the country, parents are debating whether they can take the traditional first-day-of-school photo, after the Australian Federal Police warned parents about posting their children on social media in their school uniforms.

The AFP wants parents to be vigilant of their privacy settings to avoid school photos being used by offenders to groom children and parents.

After the dramas for parents in 2020, they will inevitably take any minor challenges in their stride this week.

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