Dubbo Regional Council outlines fees, charges for 2020/21 financial year

Dubbo Regional Council has finalised its 2020/21 budget and rates, water and sewerage charges are all on the rise.
Dubbo Regional Council has finalised its 2020/21 budget and rates, water and sewerage charges are all on the rise.

Water and sewerage charges will rise by 2.6 per cent for residents of the Dubbo local government area in the coming financial year.

The fees and charges for 2020/21 were decided at Monday night's Dubbo Regional Council meeting.

Council had already determined rates would increase by the 2.6 per cent rate pegging limit. Those enduring financial stress have the option of deferring their next two rate bills.

At this stage, rates are expected to bring in more than $67 million for council.

The fees and charges will add another $46 million.

For those in the former Dubbo City Council area, residential water consumption charges will increase from $2.07 per kilolitre to $2.21/kl.

For Wellington residents, usage up to and including 300kl will rise from $2.24/kl to $2.30/kl.

Dubbo residents will now pay $775.46 for sewerage service, while in Wellington and Geurie the bill will be $697.14 and in Mumbil it will be $653.22.

The annual pensioner rebate on both water and sewerage charges will stay at $100.

The stormwater drainage charge will also rise by 2.6 per cent.

Residents of the former Dubbo LGA will be charged $98.76, while the former Wellington LGA will be charged $16.41.

Across the Dubbo Regional Council area the fee for the 2020/21 domestic waste service will increase to $399.10 for the three bin service and $325.25 for the two bin service.

A pensioner rebate of $52 is available for eligible households.

However it's good news for pool goers.

The pool fees have been significantly reduced for the upcoming swim season.

This year, a family season ticket to the Dubbo Aquatic Leisure Centre was $514.

It's now dropped to $250.

Meanwhile, an adult season pass is $100, and children and pensioners will pay $70.

The costs for a three month ticket has also been cut.

In Wellington the cost will be $200 for a family season pass, $80 for just an adult and $50 for a child or pensioner.

While in Geurie it has been reduced to $100 for a family season pass, $70 for an adult and $45 for a child or pensioner.

Dubbo councillor Dayne Gumley, who pushed for the fee reduction, said pools were an important part of the community. He said while council had to be mindful where it spent money, the focus should be on providing a service to the community first and making money second.

Council has also altered the fees at Dubbo Regional City Airport.

It's offering a three month passenger fee subsidy of up to 30 per cent for airline routes impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The airline has to show it has had a route viability of less than 65 per cent.

In total, council is expected to spend more than $240 million during the year.