Central West Local Land Services issues warning for illegal dumping

REPORT RESERVE DUMPING: Reserve Dumping may cost you up to $5000 in fines. Photo: CONTRIBUTED

REPORT RESERVE DUMPING: Reserve Dumping may cost you up to $5000 in fines. Photo: CONTRIBUTED

The Central West Local Land Service is reminding the public of the consequences of illegal rubbish dumping after a Wellington man was caught.

The man was found to be dumping rubbish at a reserve and fined by the LLS.

Anyone caught illegally dumping on travelling stock reserves faces a fine of up to $5000.

Central West LLS travelling stock reserves team leader Peta Holcombe said cleaning up rubbish that had been dumped on travelling stock reserves was a significant expense to LLS.

"The expense of cleaning up rubbish, particularly when car bodies and asbestos are involved, takes away from our ability to undertake maintenance works on travelling stock reserve infrastructure," Ms Holcombe said.

"This in turn affects the viability of reserves which is why we are focused on taking compliance action.

"We now have cameras set up on travelling stock reserves which have been hot spots for illegal activities and anyone caught dumping rubbish will be fined."

The public are also being encouraged to record any information they may have and report any illegal dumping activity on travelling stock reserves, Ms Holcombe said.

"Taking photos or details of vehicles, registration plates and even photos and descriptions of people and locations can help us to track down and fine offenders."

The NSW Government Department of Environment and Climate Change (DECC) reported the greatest damage is caused to the bushland while dumping and removing the waste, and illegally dumped waste also requires considerable time and money to remove, which would be better spent on conservation.

The department also stated that rubbish attracts more rubbish, and a piece of bushland can suddenly become a known place to dispose of waste illegally.

Illegal dumping includes used household items, old tyres, green waste or construction items as well as general rubbish.

Members of the public can report illegal dumping through theReport Illegal Dumping website ridonline.epa.nsw.gov.au.

If there is an immediate emergency such as toxic fumes or a large chemical spill, call 000 immediately, or for large urgent incidents (over two trailer loads) call the EPA Environment Line on 131 555.