Under 13s Cricket State Challenge being played in Wellington

Young guns: Country Thunder captain Amber Smith with Metro Sixers player Eliza Henry at Wellington's Rygate Park on the Monday. Photo: Taylor Jurd.
Young guns: Country Thunder captain Amber Smith with Metro Sixers player Eliza Henry at Wellington's Rygate Park on the Monday. Photo: Taylor Jurd.

Wellington hosted the Under 13s Cricket State Challenge with players from across New South Wales in attendance.

The girls played a total of four T20 games across Rygate and Pioneer Ovals.

The Challenge commenced on Monday.

Two sides were from the Metropolitan area; the Metro Thunder and Metro Sixers and two from the Country; the Country Thunder and Country Sixers.

Playing for the Country Thunder side is former Wellington resident Callee Black representing the Western zone.

The round one draw on Monday morning was between the Country Sixers and the Metro Sixers at Pioneer Park. While the Country Thunder took on the Metro Thunder at Rygate Park.

Cricket NSW coach and talent specialist Steve Davies said the morning round one game at Rygate Park was an exciting match between the two Thunder teams.

Metro Thunder batted first and scored 94 off 20 overs, with Metro player Annabel Batty the top scorer, retiring on 19.

In the chase, Country Thunder scored the runs with three balls to spare in an exciting game where Rachel Carroll and Keisha Baldwin batting aggressively in the middle innings.

The game was finished off by Callee when she was able to get her side home with 21 not out, three balls to go.

It was a different result at Pioneer Park in round one when the Country Sixers took on the Metro Sixers.

The Metro Sixers won the game.

Country batted first and off their 20 overs got 7 for 91, with player Sophie Parsons the top scorer, 33 not-out.

"In the chase the Metro Sixers did it pretty comfortably getting past the score with four wickets down," Davies said.

Metro Sixers best batter in that game was Juliette Morten.

The two winners of the morning's game, the Country Thunder and Metro Sixers then battled it out in round two later that day at Rygate Park.

Despite the Sixers winning the toss and batting first, Country eventually won.

Davies said thanked Marie Cornish and Dubbo Regional Council for helping to organise the Challenge.

"And it's great for the country girls to actually play some of these tournaments in their own areas and for our metro-counterparts to come out and have a look and see how the girls in the country do it," he said.

In order to play in the State Challenge, the two Country teams were selected from Country Championships that was held in Raymond Terrace before Christmas.

Davies said he is passionate about female cricket, adding that it has really taken off just in the last few years thanks to the success of the Women's Big Bash League (WBBL).

"Our academy numbers are growing throughout the state and we're starting to see the end results with tournaments in under 13s, where previously it started at under 15s," he said.

"It's also a really good opportunity for some of our young coaches in our academy programs. They're helping out our more experienced coaches.

"It's a really good development opportunity for them..."

In the round 3 morning of the Under-13s Female State Challenge, Country Thunder defeated Country Sixers.


Country Sixers

  • K McTaggart c A Smith b R Carroll: 22
  • EM Humphreys c M Spence b A Smith: 11
  • C Bray run out (E Zerafa): 4
  • SE Parsons c & b E Rebus: 2
  • A Mavros c C Black b C Waters: 0
  • L Pearce b C Black: 1
  • +S Clune b A O'Brien: 2
  • J Dowling b C Black: 5
  • M Amrstrong b R Carroll: 9
  • L McMillan c C Black b A O'Brien: 0
  • C Peters not out: 4 runs
  • E Hosking dnb
  • L Graham dnb

Extras: 20

Total: 80

Country Thunder

  • A Smith b K McTaggart: 17
  • R Carroll c L Pearce b L McMillan: 4
  • E Zerafa c S Clune b L McMillan: 0
  • A O'Brien b M Amrstrong: 0
  • JR Bramble b M Armstrong: 1
  • C Black b A Mavros: 5
  • C Waters b C Bray: 9
  • A Watson not out: 11
  • M Spence not out: 6
  • E Rebus dnb
  • K Baldwin dnb
  • E Buckley dnb
  • N Hann dnb

Extras: 28

Total: 7/81

Country Thunder won by 3 wickets.

In the grand final later that day, Country Sixers were defeated by Metro Thunder.

Country Sixers

  • L Pearce b C Stathis: 9
  • SE Parsons c O Callaghan b I Cruickshank: 4
  • C Peters b I Cruickshank: 0
  • L Graham b I Cruickshank: 0
  • E Hosking st A Batty b A Mohanaraj: 9
  • EM Humphreys b H Toms: 7
  • +S Clune c I Cruickshank b O Callanghan: 0
  • J Dowling c & b L Wilson: 2
  • A Mavros c & B N Doshi: 9
  • K McTaggart not out: 5
  • M Amrstrong b C Stathis: 4
  • C Bray dnb
  • L McMillan dnb

Extras: 16

Total: 4/89 (cc)

Metro Sixers

  • E Horstead b K Baldwin: 2
  • T kotibhaskar c & b M Spence: 27
  • J Morton b K Baldwin: 4
  • E Henry b A Smith: 10
  • E Cambridge not out: 8
  • B Tate c A Smith b A Watson: 0
  • H Zauch c C Black b A Watson: 0
  • A Zordon b C Black: 5
  • SL Halmarick not out: 9
  • H Gibson dnb
  • J Mizzi dnb
  • A Ravallion dnb
  • C Garling dnb

Extras: 25

Total: 7/90

Dubbo also hosted the male under 13s and 14s state Challenge over the two days.