Wellington High School utilises technology in Geography

Anna Lee and Shakyiah Elemes using the sandbox. Photo: Supplied.

Anna Lee and Shakyiah Elemes using the sandbox. Photo: Supplied.

Students at Wellington High School have an even better understanding of topography and landforms after helping to construct an augmented reality sandbox..

The HSIE department at the school, with the aid of UCLA's technology constructed the sandbox, with the equipment used in geography lessons to demonstrate topographic map's features and landforms.

The technology combines a physical sandbox, with a sensor and a projector, combining together to allow students to see in real-time how an elevation map shifts over different heights.

As sand is piled up in one area, the contour lines adjust, as well as colours highlighting the change in altitude.


Students are also able to hold their hands over the sand in order to make it 'rain', demonstrating water shedding and the flow of water into the lowest point.

This state-of the-art technology allows students to kinetically interact with the curriculum, whilst learning about geographical features and interactions with the environment.

This is done in a hands-on, fun way, with the aim of increasing the engagement of pupils.

Wellington High School would like to acknowledge UCLA's contribution of software, the Wellington Men's Shed for the construction of the sandbox, and WHS's Technical Support Officer, Cameron Brierley, for putting the pieces together and helping with any technical issues.