Muelsed woolgrowers dealt another blow

KMART and Target will stop selling products containing mulesed wool by 2030.

This comes just weeks after David Jones and the Country Road Group, including Witchery and Politix, committed to phasing out mulesed wool.

A Kmart Group spokesperson said the move is part of its expanded "Better Together" program.

"Kmart Group is dedicated to making a positive difference to our people and our planet," they said.

"With a number of new focus areas and time-bound commitments to 2030, the plan includes an increased focus on sourcing natural resources responsibly.

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"As wool is one of the most important animal-derived materials used by Target and Kmart, we believe we have an important role to play in working collaboratively with our suppliers, the wool industry and animal welfare groups, to transition away from the practice of mulesing and accelerate sustainable farming practices within the textiles supply chain," the spokesperson said.

Mulesing has been a major issue leading up to next Friday's election of three directors to the Australian Wool Innovation board.

WoolProducers Australia president, Ed Storey, has accused two long-serving directors seeking re-election, Wally Merriman and David Webster, of largely ignoring the growing consumer and fashion brand concern about the practice.

However, quantities of non-mulesed wool have been growing in recent years.

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