St Mary's Catholic School hold an anti-bullying day, photos

Students at St Mary's Catholic School are making steps to stomp out bullying after participating in a special project.

On Friday, November 8, the whole school took part in an anti-bullying day.

Six activities were organised that focused on being kind, raising awareness of bullying, including what to look out for and what to do if they or someone they knew was being bullied.

The initiative was the brain-child of student and SRC member Millie Mills and was helped to be organised by teacher Mellisa Nicholson.

Students made kindness calendars and awareness wheels, created 'warm fuzzies' with nice messages to give to others, took part in an anti-bullying quiz plus a presentation given by WACHS and painted a tree as part of the Blue Tree Project.

They also wore blue and white and donated a gold coin to the SRC. They also donated $1 to paint their feet on a 'stomp out bullying' poster.

A lot of things are pushed on kids to be perfect, but this day is about embracing individuality.

Millie Mills

All proceeds will go towards buying furniture for a 'calm down space' within the school, where students can go to be listened to and not feel judged.

Ms Nicholson hopes the message of the anti-bullying day will continue school's ethos.

"Hopefully it goes beyond just today," she said.


Student Millie Mills said the message of the day was to simply stop bullying and be kind to one another.

"A lot of things are pushed on kids to be perfect, but this day is about embracing individuality," Millie said.

The Wellington Times were able to speak with some of the students during the anti-bullying day.

Students Bridie Shanahan and Lennox Bennett were making 'warm fuzzies' and spoke about bullying and some of the things they had learnt.

"Bullying is not good, they (bullies) want attention," Lenox said.

"I would tell someone I trusted," Bridie said if she saw someone being bullied.

Kacey Fuller and Codey Hilet both made warm fuzzies for one another with kind messages on them.

If you or someone you know is experiencing difficulty please contact Lifeline on 13 11 14.

Or for a free, private and confidential counselling service contact Kids Helpline on 1800 55 1800.