Lower numbers of prime cattle at sale

This was the week of freak weather starting with normal spring days going to 31 degrees on Friday, 1mm of rain that night and winter conditions on Saturday.


Dubbo last Thursday, 6450 prime cattle penned in a plainer quality yarding with plenty of unfinished young cattle. Limited numbers of finished cows and trade cattle were present and only a few heavy steers. Trade young cattle fell 10 to 14 cents, feeder cattle lost 10 to 13 cents with the steers selling from 241 to 311 cents and the heifers ranging from 206 to 295 cents per kg. Restocker cattle were firm to 10 cents cheaper, young steers traded from 180 to 302, with the young heifers realising 100 to 254 cents per kg. Heavy steers dropped 4 cents, heavy heifers finished dearer, plain cows were firm, however, the better finished cows lost 9 cents.

  • Quotations: Calves 88 to 212, steer vealers 180 to 300, heifer vealers 100 to 290, steer yearlings 180 to 323, heifer yearlings 123 to 295, heavy steers 210 to 296, bullocks 282 to 307, heavy heifers 156 to 298, light cows 151 to 161, medium cows 154 to 235, heavy cows 200 to 275, bulls 154 to 265.

Friday at Dubbo 730 store cattle penned in a useful yarding of both steers and heifers with some good cows and calves in a solid market. Steer weaners sold from $175 to $660 to average $397 or 195 cents per kg, weaner heifers ranged from $250 to $580 to average $380 or 181 cents per kg, steer yearlings traded from $640 to $850 to average $762 or 264 cents per kg, heifer yearlings realised $655 to $660 to average $658, cows and calves made from $500 to $1,090 to average $696, unjoined cows sold from $600 to $710 to average $670.


Monday at Dubbo, 11,300 lambs penned in a plain quality yarding with a large percentage showing the effects of the season. There were odd pens of useful trade, heavy and new season lambs. Processor light lambs were close to firm, trade lambs lost $4 to $8, trade new season lambs were firm, the few heavy lambs lost $8. Merino lambs were down $7 to $10 with the trade weights selling from $130 to $183, with a pen of heavies making $188. Restocker new season lambs sold from $30 to $137, hoggets reached $170.

  • Quotations, light young lamb $30 to $140, medium young lamb $135 to $182, heavy young lamb $180, supermarket light young lamb $180 to $210, light lamb $72 to $136, medium lamb $145 to $185, heavy lamb $160 to $189, supermarket lamb $180 to $225, light export lamb $244.

11,000 mutton penned in a plain quality yarding, with odd lines of properly finished sheep, lightweight sheep lost $3 to $7 however, the heavy sheep fell $15 to $25.

  • Quotations, light ewes $60 to $115, medium ewes $95 to $147, heavy ewes $133 to $196, light wethers $62 to $118, medium wethers $92 to $140, heavy wethers $140 to $188, rams $74 to $172, ram lambs $113 to $200.


Schute Bell report that last week's wool market, when it opened, saw more losses over most of the micron indicators to the amount of 30 to 55 cents. However, on the second day signs of recovery commended and the market continued to improve throughout the day. The northern region indicator managed to gain 3 cents for the first time in five weeks closing at 1,408 cents per kg clean. 21,694 bales were offered after almost 25% was withdrawn. 19,194 bales were sold with the passed in rate dropping dramatically to 11.5%. AWTA test data released last week showed a 19.5% decline in the weight of wool tested for the month of August compared to last season. The reduction in bales offered this week shows the Sydney sales next week only being over one day, Wednesday September 11.