Wellington's Buddhist community helping people explore delicious vegetarian recipes

Wellington’s Buddhist Centre is set to host a unique look at vegetarian cooking through the latest installment of their bi-annual cooking workshop.

All are invited to attend the class, which is aiming to teach those who are interested how to cook and prepare delicious vegetarian dishes. 

Organiser Choden, a member of the Buddhist Centre, says the focus this time around will be on specific recipes, designed with the help of a volunteer from Dubbo.

“This is the third one, we have them about six months apart, so we might be getting a couple of repeat attendees. This one’s going to be all about noodle recipes,” Choden said.

“The lady who comes and does it is from Dubbo, she imports a variety of special vegetarian imitation meats and she’s going to show us how to cook those and we’ll make a few different recipes and then we’ll get to eat.”

Anyone interested in finding out more about the day and registering their interest can contact the Wellington Buddhist Centre by calling them at 6845 4661 and booking a place. 

The event will take place on Sunday December 9 and will start at 10am at the Buddhist centre that’s currently located at 166 Arthur Street. 

“We do suggest a five dollar donation, so it’s very cheap and affordable for a cooking class,” Choden said.

“Maybe people want a bit more vegetarian food in their diet or they want to cook for a family member, or they’re just interested in learning new.”

While practising vegetarianism is a philosophical decision for the members of the Buddhist centre, they’re aware that there are other beliefs that lead people to learn more about vegetarianism. 

“For all of us here at the Buddhist centre we’re Vegetarians out of compassion and respect for the lives of animals, we don’t want to see them suffer, but for a lot of people the interest is health,” Choden said. 

“We’re interested in showing people that a vegetarian diet is accessible in Wellington and promoting the idea of eating less meat.”

The workshop will also feature a variety of imitation meats and teach attendants how to best cook and prepare them. 

“Fun and relaxed atmosphere and everyone’s welcome,” Choden said. 

The Wellington Buddhist Centre was founded in 1976 and has been located at various places in Wellington throughout its history.