Wilson hits comp’s first 180

Wellington Dart results for Round 13 of the summer competition saw Sharkies defeat Him'N'Hers 1, Ask Garth Who Beat Him 2 Blot, BDDP 4 defeated Odd One's Out 2, Soldiers 4 defeated Were Here 2.

Wellington Darts played Round 14 last Monday night at the Wellington Soldiers Memorial Club and teams wishing to join in the winter competition can come along any Monday night and see how the competition is run and nominate a team now.

Allan Brown took in newcomer Christian Bamford for the belt, but Allan's experience got him over the line, so who's next was his cry.

The first 180 of the competition has finally been hit and it was the first walk of the night for David Wilson.

The Sharkies had another easy night of darts with a 6-nil win last Monday night with the Odd One's Out being there victims.

Doubles results: Jason Robbins-Allan Brown defeated Christian Bamford-Cindy Croker and Alf Wilson-Zac West defeated Ken Fairley-Robert Driscoll. Singles results: Allan Brown defeated Christian Bamford, Alf Wilson defeated Ken Fairley, Jason Robbins defeated Cindy Croket, Zac West defeated Robert Driscoll.

BDDP ended the any chances the Soldiers team had of playing for the Shield with a 5-1 loss.

Doubles results: Carl Ludwig-Doreen Saunders defeated James Smith-Teena Hill and David Wilson-Kevin Baker defeated Richard Kent-Vicki Button. Singles results: Helen Jeff's defeated James Smith, David Wilson defeated Vicki Button, Carl Ludwig defeated Richard Kent, Kevin Baker lost to Teena Hill.

Were Here just managed to grab a win against Him'N'Hers by 4-2.

Doubles results: Scott Reid-Parish Petrovic lost to Wendy Wilson-Jason Cornish and Peter Baker-Carolyn Stace defeated Kirsty and Hayley Watts. Singles results: Tracey Reid defeated Wendy Wilson, Scott Reid defeated Hayley Watts, Parish Petrovic lost to Jason Cornish, Peter Baker defeated Kirsty Watts.

High scores from Monday night were; David Wilson 180, 123, 2x90's, 2x80's, Alf Wilson 140, 100, 95, 85, Zac West 133, 3x81, Scott Reid 133, 83, Kirsty Watts 130, 129, 112, Hayley Watts 121, 106, 89, Robert Driscoll 116, 100, 81, Jason Cornish 115, 3x85, Doreen Saunders 107, 2x91, Allan Brown 105, 2x100, 2x90's, 4x80's, Jason Robbins 4x100, Carl Ludwig 2x100, 3x90's, 4x80's, Cindy Croker 100, 4x80's, Ken Fairly 100, Christian Bamford 3x90's, 85, Kevin Baker 2x90's, 4x80's, James Smith 94, 89, Vicki Button 92, Teena Hill 90, 2x80's, Peter Baker 3x80's, Richard Kent 2x80's, Cindy Croker 80.

Points table see's Sharkies certainties to take out the minor premiership, they are on 76 points. BDDP 71 points, Odd Ones Out 44 points, Soldiers 35 points, Were Here 33 points, and Him"N" Hers 23 points.

Draw for the final round see's Sharkies taking on BDDP, Soldier's take on Him 'N'Hers, Odd One's Out take on Where Here.