Valuable experience in mock trial

A handful of students from St Mary’s Catholic School were put to the test last week as they took part in the first round of the NSW Law Society Mock Trial Competition.

The team of eight from Wellington came up against students from Coonabarabran High School at the Wellington Local Court House on Tuesday, April 10.

They came before presiding Magistrate, retired local judge Sir Robert Woods, as they took part in the competition run by the NSW Law Society. 

Representatives from St Mary’s Catholic School have participated in the event every year since its inception in 2003.

This year students were given advice and guidance by local judicial expert, Mrs Jo Ivey, in the lead-up to the event.

They also received support from teaching staff Mrs Rosemary Le Clerc and Mr Steve Murphy. 

Mr Murphy said the competition provides students with an incredible opportunity to participate in a ‘virtual’ court case – as suggested by the name ‘Mock Trial’. 

“Coonabarabrah High School students were given the defense team brief, while St Mary’s students were given the prosecution team brief,” Mr Murphy said.

“Roles included barristers, solicitor, key witnesses and court officials.”