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​Wellington Golf Club: Division 4 Team James Drew, Mitchell Spradbrow, Rod Irwin, Gary McNaughton, Reid Armstrong.
​Wellington Golf Club: Division 4 Team James Drew, Mitchell Spradbrow, Rod Irwin, Gary McNaughton, Reid Armstrong.

​Wellington Golf Club had 44 golfers hit the course last Saturday with a 4BBB PAR being played in conjunction with the Keno qualifier and the Keirles Pharmacy and Knotts Rural Supplies competition. Many thanks to Kevin Whale and Geoff Walker for there sponsorship last week.

This weeks golf will see an Individual Stableford plus the Finals of the Kierles Pharmacy and Knott's Rural Supplies competitions plus Round 1 of the Kiss Trophy must be played and many thanks to Kevin Reid for sponsoring this weeks event.

Central West Pennants saw just Division 4 play in the semi finals, no result but here's hoping they won and will be playing for the pennant this Sunday.

Thursday's Twilight golf competition has only three weeks remaining so please pay your $40 fee, and to all those that have well done. Winners last Saturday were Gary McCarroll and Peter Payne who conquered the course with +11. Runners up were believe it or not, Jamie Gersbach and Greg Freeman who finished with plus ten.

Ball competition winners were Gary McCarroll-Peter Payne +11, Jamie Gersbach-Greg Freeman plus ten, Gary Cusack-Darren Whiteley plus nine, Garth Watts-Brent Eather plus nine, Elton Keeffe- Mitchell Spradbrow plus eight, Rod Irwin-Jim Armstrong plus eight, Neil Hollow-Brian Kiss plus eight.

Ron Stubblefield Toyota terrific tee shot on the third Lewis McCarthy 2.71 meters, on the eighth it went to Matt Redfern 1.53 meters, in the 14th it went to Paul Hannelly 2.26 meters, on the 16th it went to Gary McCarroll 3.01 meters.

Gersbachs Mechanical nearest the pin in two shots went to Gary McCarroll the  hole was a mystery. McDonald's biggest whack in A grade went to John Donnelly and in B grade it went to Greg Freeman. Brent's NFI award winners last Saturday were Kurt Cusack and Kieran Baker and there score was so bad that they pleaded for it not to be shown.

Results of the Keirle's Pharmacy competition saw the Bye defeat Von Zipper and will now play the Phoenix who have two chances if claiming the major prize.

Knott's Rural Supplies semifinal result saw the Hogs defeat Dirt Diggers and they will now play the Old Masters who also have teo chances to claim the prize.

Draw for Round 1 of the Kiss Trophy see's Robert Baker taking in Nicholas Cosier, Kevin Whale takes on David Gillard, Gary Cusack takes on Peter Payne, Darren Whiteley takes on Barry Jeffrey, Rod Pedron takes on Mitchell Cusack, David Naveau takes on Fletcher Ivey, Rodney Cunynghame takes on Kurt Cusack, Garth Watts takes on Rod Irwin, Peter Cornish takes on Kieran Baker, David Burke takes on Trevor Messenger, Mal Scott takes on Gareth Peterson, Neil Hollow takes on Warren Hurst, Matt Reid takes on Jack Baker, Noel Stanford takes on Rex England, John Getsbach takes on Malcolm Payne, Tony Cowan takes on Reid Armstrong, Jim Armstrong takes on Peter Mason, Gary McNaughton takes on Geoff Walker, John Donnelly takes on Paul Hannelly, Brian Kiss takes on Steven McCarroll, Tim Parker takes on Jamie Gersbach, Doug Ney takes on Mac Harvey, David East takes on Gary Stephens, David French takes on Luke Milgate, David Wilson takes on Lewis McCarthy, Gary McCarrolk takes on Neil McCabe, Ron Cowan takes on David O'Brien, Norm Royal takes on Mitchell Spradbrow, Kevin Reid takes on Matt Redfern, Rod McMahon takes on Josh Bullock, Russell Gersbach takes on Daniel Baxter, John Southwell takes on James Drew. All match's are now to be played by this Saturday. Round 2 to be played by the 24th of March.

Draw for round 1 of the Cornish Trophy which must be played by the 21st of April see's Tim Parker-Rod Pedron taking on Jamie Gersbach-Steve Kiss, Luke Milgate-Josh Bullock take on Robert Baker-Michael Bullock, Kevin Reid-Garth Watts take on Elton Keeffe-Mitchell Spradbrow, Ron Cowan-Wayne Lang take on David Gillard-Trevor Messenger, John Donnelly-Norm Royal take on Daniel Baxter-Geoff Stephens, Garry McCarroll-Allan Ritchie take on Rod Irwin-David O'Brien, David French-David King take on Kevin Whale-James Drew, David Burke-Noel Stanford take on Neil Hollow-Peter Cornish, Russell and John Gersbach take on Kurt Cusak-Kieran Baker, Rod McMahon-Lewis Stanley take on Jim and Reid Armstrong, Rodney Cunynghame-David East take on Steven McCarroll-Malcolm Payne, David Naveau-Gary McNaughton take on Damien Bell-Warren Hurst, Gary Cusack-Darren Whiteley take on Lewis McCarthy-Jack Baker, Doug Ney-Greg Freeman take on Fletcher Ivey-Mac Harvey, David Wilson-Brent Eather take on Peter Payne-Paul Hannelly, Matt Redfern-Jared Wykes take on Matt Reid-Nick Cosier.

Top five in the Wellington Soldier's Memorial Pointscore see's John Donnelly 69 points, Kurt Cusack 68 points, Kieran Baker 60 points, Norm Royal 58 points and Mal Scott 58 points.

Raffle winner was Kevin Reid and the schooner winner was Rodney Cunynghame.


The Division 4 team won their semi-final match against Parkes in Dubbo on Sunday four games to one, they now head to Cowra for Finals Day and play Forbes. All the very best boys.


The 2018 season commenced last Wednesday with a nine hole Ransom Event with Sue Martin and Marg Hollow running winning – 35 points, Denise Haesler and Sue Martin runners-up 29 points.

Trophies for the day were kindly donated by Cheryl Royal, Pauline Potts, Min Burge and Ruth Lay.

Today sees an 18 hole Stroke, Putting and Stanford Events with Ecletic and Gobblers cards to commence.

Denise and Cheryl have drawn cards and starters Duty.

Note: The Foursomes Championships are early April 4 and 11.


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