Wellington to host 2018 Vintage Fair and Swap Meet

Vintage cars, antique engines and period fashion will be the theme of the weekend as Wellington hosts the 2018 Vintage Fair and Swap Meet in two weeks time.

The fair – to be held over March 3 and 4 – has been running for upward of two decades and continues to be a major draw card for the town on attracting thousands of visitors to the area. 

Rotary president, David Ryan, said preparations are coming along well and this year will include the introduction of a new element to create broader interest.  

“The committee has been meeting weekly for the last month to make sure everything is covered, and we’ve had great support from Dubbo Regional Council who are ensuring the Vintage Fair continues to be a positive event on the calendar for Wellington,” he said. 

“This year we’re planning a period fashion parade – there will be three of those during the day.

“This was seen as an opportunity to get a greater interest for women at the fair because you notice a lot of other field days or events try to cater for all sections of the community rather than one particular gender, so I think this is a great thing.” 

As it has in previous years the Vintage Fair will feature a street parade on Saturday, March 3 and will offer the usual attractions such as the Snake Man, kids activities, coffee vans, food stalls, and vintage cars and engines at the racecourse from 8am on Sunday. 

Mr Ryan said people often travel from all over the state to attend the swap meet and to see the vintage car display which includes Wellington’s own local vintage car club. 

He said the Vintage Fair is just one of several community events hosted by Wellington – such as the annual show, the Boot, Springfest or Music In Between Festival – which bring heart and soul to the community.

Mr Ryan referenced a speech made by Dubbo Regional Council mayor, Ben Shields, on Australia Day which highlighted the town’s vibrancy. 

“What the mayor said is really important in that Wellington is punching above its weight in community events and engagement,” he said.

“There can be a lot of bad press about Wellington and the troubles it has, but there’s so many good things happening in the town, there are so many volunteer committees and there is plenty happening.

“You only have to scratch the surface and you find people going above and beyond to do good things in the community.” 

For more information head to the 2018 Vintage Fair and Swap Meet official website.