Four hectares burnt along 12 Mile Road | PHOTOS

UPDATE: 4.20pm

RFS acting district manager, Bob Conran, has confirmed the fire on 12 Mile Road 20 kilometres from Wellington is contained.

Conran said the fire, which ignited around 2pm today and has since burnt around four hectares of land, is believed to have been caused by a motor vehicle accident.

“I’m not sure of the circumstances of the motor vehicle accident, but there’s a vehicle in the ditch on the point of origin, it’s burst into flames and with the wind and dry vegetation the fire took off pretty quickly,” he said.

“Fortunately by the looks of it there wasn’t a lot of fuel on the ground so our guys were able to get around it before it intensified too much, but the wind certainly pushed the flames pretty well along through the vegetation along the side of the road and into the adjoining paddocks.” 

RFS crews continue to work in the area which is now open to motorists.

“Crews are working to black it all out, so there should be no further danger now,” he said.

“The road is open but care should be exercised because there’s heavy vehicles out there.”

Conran used the opportunity to remind the public of the importance of being vigilant when it comes to avoiding potential fires.

“Certainly at this time of year the vegetation is extremely dry, fires are starting very easily and if we have any windy conditions it’s going to push the fire along very quickly so people need to exercise care doing anything at all – anything that can cause a spark they need to be very cautious of,” he said.


Motorists are being urged to avoid commuting along the 12 Mile Road as emergency services respond to a fire around 20 kilometres from Wellington.

Rural Fire Service (RFS) acting district manager, Bob Conran, said the fire broke out around 2pm as a result of a motor vehicle accident along the 12 Mile Road.

A helicopter has been released from the Mount Canobolas fire near Orange to give ground crew intelligence from the area. Several more fixed-winged aircraft are onroute to the area to assist the eight trucks currently on ground. 

“We’re not quite sure at this stage how big of an area it has burnt,” Conran said.

“It did get going for a while but we have resources there now both areal and ground and from the latest information they have gotten around it and it is contained at this stage.”

Nearby residents said the fire is burning on the boundary of the Kiss property. 

Motorists are urged to avoid the area.

“There would certainly be a lot of fire appliances in the area so i suggest people stay away,” Conran said.