Foundation built on respect

An evening with friends watching stunt driving at the Wellington showground was the beginning of a lifetime together for Geoff and Jane Plasto.

The pair first met in March 1962 when Geoff was 24 and Jane 17. They attended a demonstration of stunt driving called ‘The Hell Drivers’ which involved cars driving through barrels of fire – an outing very out of context with any of their interests, according to Jane. 

This was followed by drinks at the Grand Hotel, and their next outing together wouldn’t be until September when they danced the night away at a 21st Birthday party at ‘Weemabah’, Trangie.

Two years later on October 27, 1964 Geoff and Jane were married and made their first home at ‘Umagarlee’, Wellington. They welcomed their first son, Ross, in February 1966, followed by Bruce and daughter Alison.

They are now the proud grandparents of four grandchildren. 

The Plastos agreed that apart from loving each other, a vital element in any marriage is the ability to respect each other’s ability and support each other at all times.

“We think that communication is very important and try to encourage this with our family, business and friends,” Jane said. 

“Consideration for each other and others is an important goal for us.”

They said every day should be treated as Valentine’s Day in order to make the most of being with each other and being grateful for blessings. 

“Sometimes we have run into road blocks, finding a way to overcome difficulties has been challenging but very worthwhile for us both,” Jane said. “After all, life is what you make it!”