Wellington sporting news

Golf results

Wellington Golf Club saw 42 golfers hit the fairways last Saturday with a 4BBB Stableford being played plus the Semi-Finals of the KEIRLE'S Pharmacy Summer competition as well as the repacharge kindly sponsored by Knott's Rural Supplies.

This Saturday event will be advised at the Golf Club this Saturday, but the finals of the KEIRLE'S Pharmacy Summer competition and Knott's Rural Supplies match's will be played.

Central West Pennants results from last Sunday saw Wellington Golf Club taking on Mudgee in all divisions. 

Division 1 lost 4/1, Divisions 2 lost 5/0, Division 3 won 3/3 and Division 4 won 4/1, this week Wellington take on Wentworth at Dubbo golf club.

Nomination sheets are now available for the Kiss and Cornish Trophy's and close this Saturday so don't miss out.

Thursday's Twilight golf competition is approaching its conclusion, if you can please pay your $40 fee please do so as for all those that have well done.

If anybody can assist at the Vintage Fair on Sunday, March 4 please let Marie Cornish know as soon as possible.

The winners of last Saturday's event were Gareth Peterson and James Drew who smashed the course with 48 points.

Runners up with 46 points were the unluckiest golfers in the club, just ask them, Steven McCarroll and Rod Pedron.

Ball competition winners were Gareth Peterson-James Drew 48 points, Steven McCarroll 46 points, Rod McMahon- Lewis Stanley 45 points, David O'Brien-Rod Irwin 44 points, Paul Hannelly-Peter Payne 44 points.

Ron Stubblefield Toyota terrific tee shot on the third it went to James Drew, on the eight it went to Chris Woolfrey, in the 14th it went to Russell Gersbach, on the 16th it went to Steven McCarroll.

Gersbachs Mechanical nearest the pin in two shots in the sixth hole went to Lewis Stanley.

McDonald's biggest whack in A grade went to Chris Woolfrey and in B grade it went to Rod McMahon with a whack of 212 meters.

Brent's NFI award winners last week were Rod Williams and Kevin Whale who forged a score of only 35 points.

Results of the KEIRLE'S Pharmacy Summer competition Semi-Finals

  • Montefiore's Maulers defeated Bak/Cusacks,
  • Von Zipper defeated Killer Watts,
  • Phoenix defeated Wellington Soldiers Club,
  • Printers defeated the Bye.

Results in the Semi-Finals of the Knott's Rural Supplies saw Old Masters defeat Maurie's Mates and Hogs defeated Goodsorts.

Draw for the Semi-Finals of the KEIRLE'S Pharmacy summer competition see's Printers taking on Von Zipper, Killer Watts take on the Bye, Bak/Cusack's take on Soldiers Club, Phoenix take on Montefiore's Maulers.

Knott's Rural Supplies Semi-Finals draw see's Mixture taking on Old Masters and Hogs taking on Dirt Diggers.

Raffle winner was Jim Armstrong and the schooner winner was Rod Irwin.


Wednesday Bowls: Twelve Bowlers took to the greens last Wednesday Jackpot Bowls.

Winners on the day on a count-back  were Ian Humphries and Brian Charlton who defeated Glen Porter and Ron Oxenham  – 23 - 9,

Runners up were Garth Watts and Jason Cornish who defeated Mo Clare and Jason Robbins  22 – 8.

Other results, Don Graham and Robert Harvey defeated Frank Gersbach and Richard Carpenter  20 - 16

Jackpot Bowls are on today (Wednesday) names in by 1pm for 1.30pm start.

2018 Pennants: Our first game is against Molong at Molong on Sunday, March 4.

Business House bowls: The competition recommenced last night.

There will be  eight rounds played before the end of daylight saving.

Enquires should be directed to Peter Baker.

2018 Club Championships: Sheets are on the Notice Board for Entries in the Clubs 2018 Championships. First up will be the Fours.

Special General meeting: February 17 at 1pm. All members are invited to attend to discuss the future of the Club.

Ladies Bowls News

Results of last Thursday: Winners were Dot Blackburn, Francis Cookson, Colleen Forby and Rose Davis.

Runners-up were Dot Heath, Betty Dunstan, Myrtle Lee and Regina Last. Myrtle won the raffle.

Tomorrow February 15 is Trophy Day, and hair cut draw. February 17 the club is holding a meeting at 2pm.

We would like as many members to please attend.

Darts News

The Wellington Darts competition are holding a meeting tonight at the Wellington Soldiers Memorial Club at 7.30pm to discuss the venue and sponsor for the 2018 season.

Well the season started on Monday night with some teams short on players and others having plenty.

Doubles games are now played over 601 and singles are 501 straight start.

The team known as Where Here have started sensationally beating Odd Ones Out five match's to one which putts them on top if the ladder.

Scott and Tracey Reid defeated Cindy Croker- Ian Humphries 2-0.

Peter Baker-Carolyn Stace defeated Ken Fairley-Robert Driscoll 2-1.


Peter Baker defeated Ken Fairley, Scott Reid defeated Cindy Croker, Tracey Reid let the team down by loosing to Robert Driscoll, Carolyn Stace defeated Ian Humphries.

In a closer match the Soldiers Club came out on top with a four games to two victory over His"N"Hers with Richard Kent-Alfie Button beating Wendy Wilson-Jason Cornish 2-1.

Vicki Button- Teena Hill beat Kirsty and Hayley Watts 2-1.


Richard Kent beat Jason Cornish 2-1, Alfie Button beat Wendy Wilson 2-1, James Smith lost to Kirsty Watts 0-2 and believe it or not Hayley Watts on her first venture to the dart board defeated Teena Hill 2-1, I think she gets it from her Grand Father.

The final match saw the BDDP you figure it out what it means, let you know what it does next week, defeated the Sharkies three games to two with David Wilson-Ken Baker defeating Alf Wilson 2-0.

Carl Ludwig defeating Jason Robbins 2-0.


We saw a reverse with Alf Wilson defeating Carl Ludwig 2-1, Jason Robbins defeated Kevin Baker 2-1 and David Wilson won easy, so don't be scared.

High Scores 

  • Jason Robbins 140, 121,
  • Cindy Croker 140, 2 x 80s,
  • Alfie Button 134, 2 x 100, 2 x 80s,
  • Carl Ludwig 132,123,120, 3x100, 3 x 80s,
  • Wendy Wilson 124, 93, 83,
  • Alf Wilson 120, 2 x 100,
  • Ian Humphries 119,
  • Carolyn Stace 117, 100,
  • Hayley Watts 107, 86,
  • Ken Fairley 4 x 100, 3 x 80s,
  • Jason Cornish 100, 85,
  • Teena Hill 100, 81,
  • Scott Reid 100,
  • James Smith 100,
  • Vicki Button 98, 84,
  • Kevin Baker 97, 3 x 95, 83,
  • Peter Baker 92, 2 x 80s,
  • David Wilson 3 x 80s,
  • Kirsty Watts 89,
  • Robert Driscoll 80.

Men's highest peg went to Kevin Baker with 60.

Ladies won games and somehow they didn't hit s double, not sure how that can happen but I'm determined to find out.

Draw for Round 2 sees BDDP take on Soldiers Club, Sharkies take on ODD Ones Out, Him'N'Hers take on Where Here.