A bird’s eye view of development | PHOTOS

The Bodangora Wind Farm project is in full swing and the efforts of an enthusiastic photographer is bringing the progress to life from a different angle.

Aerial photographer, Jedd Manning, is using drone technology to capture a unique aspect of Bodangora Wind Farm’s development. 

Jedd said he uses a GoPro camera to create the unique perspective that would otherwise go unnoticed.

“This aerial view helps Infigen and its main civil works contractor Civil & Allied Technical Construction (CATCON) to assess and monitor the construction process,” he said. 

There are restrictions on his aerial photography work and Jedd says that drone operators need to follow certain regulations set by Australia’s Civil Aviation Safety Authority.

Jedd believes that this style of work will become more common in the future. And for Bodangora Wind Farm, that means an exciting visual record of the project’s development.

“Drones are the way of the future for many industries,” he said. “There is growing demand for them everyday in a large array of industries and uses.”

The project commenced in 2017 and is expected to be finished by August this year. Upon completion, the wind farm will consist of 33 turbines producing enough energy to power 49,000 homes each year.