SES responds to two calls during Tuesday's storm

The Wellington region fared considerably well in Tuesday evening’s storm which otherwise left destruction as it swept through the Central West, according to the NSW SES Wellington Unit. 

SES Deputy Controller, Brigid Rice, said while there was some damage, the Wellington Unit only received two phone calls as a result of the storm

One of those calls was in response to roof damage to a residence on Swift Street.

“There was a fair bit of damage and a lot of trees down on roads, but we only got two calls,” she said.

“It was pretty vicious but it didn’t actually do a lot of damage to properties.” 

Dubbo on the other hand responded to 14 call-out jobs for damage to roofs and fallen trees. 

Ms Rice said due to Wellington being a heritage town, it is common to receive calls involving roof damage during storms.

“That’s the challenge of living in a historic town,” she said

“I think Wellington residents do pretty well but it’s the usual message – tie down loose items as it’s often flying debris that cause damage such as trampolines and outdoor furniture; and make sure your roof is in good repair because when the wind comes up and takes your roof off it’s often raining as well and you get flooded.

“Pay attention to your roof, we often don’t until we need them.”

Ms Rice encourages the community to utilise the service which boasts 24 members and fully-equipped to deal with emergency situations.

“People are very resilient out here – we do want resilient communities – but they also need to know they can ask for help if they need it,” she said.

“We are here, they don't have to do it alone. It’s what we do.”