Watch Out | Motorcyclists

This year 23 motorcyclists have died on Victoria's roads.
This year 23 motorcyclists have died on Victoria's roads.

Driving a car safely needs complete focus and this includes being aware of the presence of motorcyclists at all times. With a significant increase in the number of motorcycles and scooters on NSW roads Dubbo Regional Council’s Road Safety Officer, Jayne Bleechmore is reminding motorists to watch out for motorcycles.

“Motorcycles are harder to see than cars” said Ms Bleechmore “so drivers really need to watch out for motorcyclists by:

  • Checking their mirrors often 
  • Indicating before making a turn
  • Checking before changing lanes
  • Taking extra care at intersections and roundabouts
  • Giving motorcyclists extra consideration in bad weather.”

Between 2008 and 2016 there were 555 fatal motorcycle crashes resulting in 569 fatalities in NSW. Of these fatalities the majority (560) were motorcycle riders or pillion passengers. Motorcycle fatalities accounted for at least 17 per cent of all road fatalities in NSW over this period.

Given motorcycles represent only 4 per cent of all registered motor vehicles in NSW, motorcyclists are clearly over-represented in fatality and serious road trauma in NSW. 

Roads and Maritime Services, The Motorcycle Council of New South Wales, The Dubbo and Western Plains Ulysses Group and Dubbo Regional Council urge all road users to respect one another and share the road.