Limited numbers of feeder cattle

The fine cold days have continued for the last week and the forecast does not predict any rain.  We can only hope that Huey may think kindly of our area soon. 

At Dubbo last Thursday 3800 prime cattle penned in a fair quality yarding with feeder cattle limited and the absence of a major southern feeder order, trade vealers were firm, yearlings lost 8 to 10 cents, light weight feeders fell 6 to 10c, however the heavies rose 3 to 6c, young restocker steers were firm topping at 400c, restocker heifers reached 336c per kg, heavy steers were firm, heavy heifers made to 295c, cows rose 1 to 4c.

Quotations: calves 330 to 415, steer vealers 313 to 400c, heifer vealers 310 to 355, steer yearlings 291 to 389, heifer yearlings 270 to 339, heavy steers 248 to 341, bullocks 261 to 311, heavy heifers 247 to 325, medium cows 170 to 235, heavy cows 220 to 264, bulls 230 to 310.

The Dubbo Friday store cattle sale saw 1600 head penned in a mixed quality yarding.  The market was cheaper and a number of cattle were passed in. Steers and heifers were $100 cheaper with steer weaners selling from $480 to $1115 to avg $800 or 334c/kg, steer yearlings ranged from $820 to $1225 to avg $1040 or 311c/kg. Weaner heifers traded from $300 to $930 to avg $650, yearling heifers realised $700 to $860 to avg $770, PTIC heifers made from $970 to $1260 for a pen of Hereford x Angus, PTIC cows sold from $710 to $1600 for a pen of Angus cows and calves ranged from $950 to $1680 and one pen of Angus unjoined cows realised $900.

38650 lambs penned at Dubbo on Monday in a good quality yarding with good quantities of all categories.  Processor light lambs fell $3, trade lambs lost $2, heavy lambs up to 26kg dropped $5, with the extra heavy lambs were $12 to $18 cheaper. Merino lambs were down by $8 with trade weights selling from $110 to $150 and the heavy end topping at $168.  First x ewe lambs reached $170, restockers paid up to $131 for fatteners and hoggets reached $167.

Quotations: light lamb $89-$122, medium lamb $115-$140, heavy lamb $125-$170, supermarket lamb $136-$177, export lamb $160-$221.

11500 mutton penned in a fair quality yarding with most grades represented, Merino ewes firm to $2 cheaper. Crossbreds lost $12.

Quotations: light ewes $55-$97, medium ewes $95-$143, heavy ewes $109-$170, medium wethers $90-$130, heavy wethers $136-$174, rams $102-$138, ram lambs $123.


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