Opinions divided on wind farm

Wellington’s first proposed wind farm near Bodangora which is exhibiting its plans at the council and the Macquarie Regional Library is already causing deep chasms in opinion and views.

Local landholder David Lyons said he is not interested in having wind turbines erected on his land.

“Whilst I am not opposed to various types of renewable energy- far from it- I am opposed to options that could have ill effects on some people and be detrimental to animals or wildlife,” he said.

“To pursue these options without thorough and competent investigation would be morally wrong.”

But Roger Everett who visited the wind farm on a trip organised by Infigen Energy has complimented the company and is upset those opposed it failed to turn up.

“It is a pity for neighbourly relations and our struggling council area that those protesting against the project could not avail themselves of the opportunities provided to air any legitimate concerns,” he said.

The project manager for the project Frank Boland who met again with the community yesterday said the trip which included 16 locals included the mayor and land holders was successful. “It was a fact finding mission for most and they got to look at all facets from the wind farm itself to local business and its effect on the local land and real estate market,” he said. “Many were surprised by the positive response from the community there.”