High time to visit Mount Arthur Reserve

Early spring is here. 

The temperature is right and the flies are just beginning to come out.

 It is great for walking the trails of Mount Arthur.

 The most popular is the APEX nature walk, with excellent views across Wellington from the Binjang and Kalang lookouts. The walk takes me about an hour and a half, and I’m pretty slow. It starts and ends at the car park at the end of the Scenic Drive.

 If you have a bit more time, branch off the APEX Trail and take the Burrungee trail which leads back to the car park at the top of the Scenic Drive. 

This takes another 45 minutes or so. Near the end of the trail, watch for tiny ground orchids.

 If you are feeling more adventurous, the grand walk is from the Old Reservoir Picnic Ground to the Telstra Tower on Mount Wellesley by the Trig Trail. Return down the magnificent Waterloo Trail, again watching for orchids in the cooler valleys. 

There are plenty of uphill bits and the round trip can take four or five hours, so pack your lunch and take something to drink. There is no drinkable water on the Reserve.

 There are other trails, so you will need the map in the Mount Arthur brochure that is available for free from the Visitor’s Information Centre. 

There is also a map posted just past the start to the APEX Trail.

 Don’t forget your camera - remember there is a prize at the Wellington Show for pictures taken on Mount Arthur.

Dogs are welcome on leash. 

Please remember that the fire season has started and there is a complete fire ban on the Reserve.


Mike Augee

Acting Ranger

Mount Arthur Reserve Trust