Bishop Keeps The Faith

Each year Bishop Michael McKenna visits each of the 35 schools in the diocese at least once to ensure there is a "true Catholic spirit" at the schools and on Friday he visited St Mary's at Wellington.

"It is also important to make personal contact so they know that the bishop is not just a picture on a wall, but comes from a long way away to see and meet [them], and that they know the schools are in our mind and prayers," he said.

During the visit, the Student Representative Council gave a presentation about the sporting, academic, performing and religious opportunities at the school as well as taking Bishop McKenna on a tour of the grounds.

"It is a wonderful school. In the diocese we get some big and very small schools and each has its character and the small schools often, where everyone knows one another, have a very unique spirit," the bishop said.

"I love coming to this parish. I am always given a very warm welcome and I think that there are a lot of great people here."

Principal of St Mary's, Simon Price, said the visits were an important part of religious education at the school.

"Our mission as a school is to be a Catholic school and we do have a faith and spirit," he said.

"I want kids to experience something that's not recognised much in contemporary society at all and focus back on what our core aim as a school is."