Salvation Army celebrate 140 years serving the community

Salvation Army celebrate 140 years serving the community

In 2020 the Salvation Army are celebrating 140 years of being in operation and the Orana region captain said they will work to continue providing support to those most vulnerable.

The charitable organisation started in 1880 at Adelaide after a tradesman and railway worker invited those who had not had a meal to join them for supper.

It became known as the first unofficial meeting of the Salvos and its members have continued to provide food and support to our country's most vulnerable.

Just a few years later in 1886, the Dubbo Salvation Army branch was formed.

"It's exciting to know we've been able to be around making a difference in communities for so long and the many lives touched and changed because of the Salvation Army," Captain David Sutcliffe said.

For 140 years their faith has been put into practice by helping out their communities, the Orana captain said.

"It's amazing to look back at it and see how quickly it spread across all Australia. There was obviously a need for the Salvation Army....," Cpt Sutcliffe said.

While the ongoing global health pandemic has meant that the Salvation Army cannot meet for worship, they are still providing support to those most vulnerable through online services like the digital Red Shield Doorknock Appeal.

"It's a bit hard for us to celebrate (the 140 years), but I thunk there will be recognition among us all and we will continue the good work and keep looking for opportunities to change lives," Cpt Sutcliffe said.

Even though there has been good rain this year, Salvation Army rural chaplains are still assisting, Cpt Sutcliffe added.

"They're continuing to meet with our farmers and those whose work has been affected (by drought)," he said.

"We've also got teams providing support to those affected by the bushfires and will do for years to come."

Cpt Sutcliffe said there has been so many significant people and work that has come from the Salvation Army, including Arthur McIlveen who served in Dubbo for a time, and was knighted for his work.

"As a young Salvation officer he was here during the Spanish Flu pandemic and was recognised by the city for the work he did, going door to door to offer assistance to people in their homes," Cpt Sutcliffe said.

The Orana captain said Sir Arthur McIlveen provided whatever support was needed to the residents of Dubbo, regardless if they were affected by the Spanish Flu or not.

"After leaving he had a full repetition and farewell when he left the town. That's how much he had an impact on the community here," Cpt Sutclife said.

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