Throwback Thursday: 2014 Mt Arthur Challenge | Gallery

This week we take you back to the 2014 Mt Arthur Challenge.

The results were:

50km Limestone Ride

Male all ages: Toby Martin on 01 hour, 48 minutes and 30seconds

Female all ages: Heather Ticehurst 01.48.34

Iron Duke Challenge 110km ride

Male all ages: Adam Mitchell on 3.08.05

Female all ages: Laurelea Moss

Wallaby 5km Run

Male all ages: Scott Duffy, 00.20.09

Female all ages: Lucy Holland, 00.28.25

Wedgetail Challenge 9km

King of the Mountain: Wes Gibson, 00.39.27

Queen of the Mountain: Emma Packer, 00.45.53

Female Junior Challenge: Maggie Smith, 01.01.08

Male Junior Champion: Isaac George, 01.01.39

Female Veteran Champion: Sally-Anne Clunes, 00.51.58

Male Veteran Champion: Scott Stevenson, 00.45.48