Wellington Arts and Sculpture festival will go ahead in 2020

If you've been busy creating artwork while being stuck in isolation and are looking to share your creations, then you're encouraged to enter the 2020 Wellington Arts and Sculpture Festival.

The annual event has been running for six years by the Wellington Arts committee and brings together a range of pieces from artists across the central west region.

This year the festival will be held over two days from September 5 and 6 and entries for the upcoming seventh exhibition have the option to address the 'Sound, Movement and Fire' theme.

It is being held again at Wellington's Hermitage Hill and Wellington Arts president Lisa Thomas said the way the event is structured will easily allow for social distancing.

"People can spatially distance themselves quite easily and if we have to record everyone that comes in we can do that at the entry point," she said.

"The hall where we may hold the finer arts (competition), again, we have the ability to record people who come in and out.

"Whatever restrictions are in place (by September) we can easily manage the situation over the two days for people attending so they don't feel at risk."


A new component is being introduced this year as Saturday night will be the Fire Bucket Challenge.

Entrants will create their own fire buckets, that will be exhibited on Saturday and lit that night, with live music and dining while social distancing.

While the global pandemic has resulted in three events Wellington Arts events having to be cancelled this year, Ms Thomas said they were excited to be able to host the September festival.

"we are really looking forward to people participating...," she said.

Ms Thomas said one of the biggest things they are encouraging this year is for people to get really creative with their pieces.

"We want everything. If you've woven a rug or knitted a jumper, we want to get people thinking about ceramics, recycled products, anything really," she said.

"It is whatever your creative mind brings together."

Due to the success of last year's workshops, the organising committee also hope to host even more for the 2020 festival.

If you would like to find out more, or to be a stall holder, please visit

Closing date for art entries is 5pm Wednesday, August 26.

Winners of the 2019 categories:

  • Open Sculpture: Jenny Shea from Orange with 'Miriam' a larger than life intricate sculpture made of nuts and bolts. The entire crowd were in awe of this incredibly accurate proportional creation.
  • Farmers Challenge: Wally Studmaster (AKA Tony Inder) 'The Battle' Inspired by real life and the two sculptures captured the aggressive movements and actions of rams fighting.
  • High School: Bree Willis is young lady to keep an eye on in the future! Her large work called 'Dragonfly' showed a modern and blended use of mixed media and the sculpture resonated with many admirers.
  • Primary School: 'Fish & Chips' This gigantic interactive display was the creation of students from Wellington Primary School and depicted 2 and 3 dimensional colourful forms which floated under a canopy of nets and other marine life along with bags of chips!!
  • Visual Arts: Stuart Vorias 'Movement In the Water' a large and soothing painting depicting coy fish in a reflective pool of water.