COVID-19, coronavirus: forces closure of Market Fitness Wellington

A gym owner in Wellington said he was not surprised by the federal government's announcement that all indoor gyms would close during the coronavirus pandemic.

On March 23, Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced the closure of indoor gyms, restaurants and cafes, other than for takeaway, clubs, nightclubs and entertainment venues to help stop the spread of COVID-19.

"For me personally, it wasn't a huge shock, I was expecting it. We've got family overseas and we've been watching it quite closely," Brett Conn owner of Wellington's Market Fitness explained.

"I figured our time would come..."

On the day of the gym's shutdown, Mr Conn said his first priority was contacting the direct debit company to put all memberships on hold.

"The first thing I wanted to do was ensure no member payments came out," he said.

The gym owner said all members were supportive of what had to be done.

While the coronavirus health crisis was something you can never prepare for, Mr Conn said the gym will reopen once it is able to.

He said with indoor gyms being one of the first venues named as having to close put the pressure off during these uncertain times.

"The fact that we were first tells me in the long run that we've got a sustainable business. We need that social interaction when we all get back together again," Mr Conn explained.

He gave a special thank you to his landlord the Wellington Soldiers Memorial Club who have been "extremely supportive" during this time.

"They've always been a really good landlord for me and I've always appreciated everything they've done," Mr Conn said.