ON A KINDER NOTE with Dolly's Dream | Keeping kids safe online during COVID-19

Make a plan for the weeks ahead

Not sure how to approach the coming weeks with children home from school, and using their devices?

Make a plan: this is a good time for families to agree on how everyone will use their devices. Some tips are:

- Adjust the settings on your smart devices and social media accounts to the highest security level.

- Turn off apps and alerts you don't need right now.

- Agree on when and where it's okay to use devices - switch off during meals, in bedrooms, or after dinner.

When young people are stressed or bored, checking headlines and social media can leave them feeling worse. Make a pact with your family - maybe you will agree to check trusted news sources a couple of times a day, and steer clear of rolling news and scary things on social media.

Use technology for good: this might involve checking in with relatives and friends who are isolated or vulnerable. Or you could contact someone who's been bullied online to offer them support and encourage them to report it or tell a trusted adult.

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