Wellington Boot Fashions competition a touch of green theme

Fashionista's attending this year's Wellington Boot Racing Carnival are encouraged to show their support for the land by wearing a touch of green in their outfit.

The annual race meeting, which is held over April 4-5, attracts thousands of punters and trend-setters from across the region and beyond.

Dubbo's Josie Anderson is no stranger to the Wellington Boot, having secured the top spot in the 18 - 35's Fashions on the Field category for three consecutive years.

She and her friends make an effort to attend the event each year as a way to catch up, and said she will definitely enter the 2020 Fashions on the Field competition.

"This year might be a little bit more social, but we do love our fashion," Ms Anderson said.

Originally from Cobar, Ms Anderson is well aware of how dry it has been, and loved the idea of the theme this year.

"It's a relief when you see some green, it really lifts everyone's spirits up," she said.

"It definitely makes a big difference to the track, Dubbo's (race track) looks much better as well."

The Fashions on the Field alumni has a few outfit ideas ready for this year's Boot but said she will wait and see what the day is like before deciding on the perfect one.

"I'm still in preparation mode, I'm not quite sure what I'll be wearing yet. I have a few ideas but it's always a dress for the day type event," Ms Anderson explained.

"Is it going to be cool, or warm? So I always have a few options."

While she is still deciding on her outfit, Ms Anderson will certainly be incorporating a touch of green.

Her winning outfit last year included a beautiful, red hat she made especially for the Boot.

"That took quite a while and some planning, but it's really having one hero piece in your outfit and organising things around it so things aren't clashing or your look isn't too over the top," Ms Anderson explained.

"I always like to do something a little bit edgy and creative, which other people might not think of. I really enjoy that creative side...."

Coming from a small, country town herself, Ms Anderson encouraged everyone to get behind their local community events, especially during the dry times as it helps boost economies and lift spirits.

"If people don't support local events they don't happen. There's so much time and effort a committee puts in," she explained.

"I am the treasurer of the Dubbo Show Society.... a lot of work goes on behind the scenes for these community events and race meets to run...

"Everyone is struggling at the moment in the drought and thank god we've had some rain, but it doesn't rain grass... but these events give us a bit of excitement in our lives..."