St Mary's Catholic School hosts 2020 Swimming Carnival

St Mary's Catholic School hosted its swimming carnival recently.

The school thanked everyone involved for helping organise the event, adding that the day ran smoothly thanks to the helpers.

Congratulations to the age champions and competitors for putting on a great day.

2020 Swimming Age Champions:

  • 8 Years - Sophie Wykes (girls) Darcy O'Donnell (boys)
  • 9 Years - Olivia Carney (girls) Hugh Gain (boys)
  • 10 Years - Holly Hutchinson (girls) Mitchell Hughes (boys)
  • 11 Years - Lucy Carney (girls) Will Hortan/Jack Whiteley (boys)
  • 12P Years - Katie Ivey (girls) James Whiteman (boys)
  • 13 Years - Myah Hunt (girls) Sam Power (boys)
  • 14 Years - Bonni Sheridan (girls) Harry O'Donnell (boys)
  • 15 Years - Emily Smith (girls) Toby Stevens (boys)
  • 16 Years - Lilly Sheridan (girls) Paddy O'Donnell (boys)
  • Congratulations to Patrick, the winning House of the 2020 Swimming Carnival.