STOCK REPORT | With no sight of rain vendors continue to sell-off stock

With no sight of rain vendors continue to sell-off stock

Dust storms for the last week have been very regular with last Friday nights/Saturday morning being the worst being mixed with a little rainfall.

Cars throughout the district looked very bad with most people being unable to see through their windscreen.

Some rain is forecast at the end of the week, may it happen!


At Dubbo last Thursday, 2,380 cattle penned in a mostly plain yarding of cattle lacking condition. As virtually no rain has fallen since the last sale before Christmas the sell-off continues.

Processor young cattle fell 10 cents, lightweight feeder steers and heifers lost 20 cents due to quality, while the heavyweight feeder steers gained 5 to 8 cents.

Steers sold from 244 to 297 cents and the heifers 222 to 246 cents per kilogram.

Young restocker cattle were down 20 cents with young steers selling from 114 to 280 cents and the young heifers topped at 238 cents per kg.

Bobby calves to the restockers traded from 16 to 234 cents and were cheaper while the processors paid to 208 cents per kg.

Grown steers were too few to quote, heavy heifer fell 20 cents topping at 262 cents per kg. Processor plain cows were dearer while the better-finished cows were firm.

  • Quotations calves 16 to 234, steer vealers 114 to 281, heifer vealers 182 to 235, steer yearlings 190 to 297, heifer yearlings 144 to 280, heavy steers 170 to 276, light bullocks 175 to 288, heavy heifers 120 to 262, light cows 50 to 120, medium cows 28 to 193, heavy cows 175 to 225, bulls 60 to 252.

There were no store cattle sales in the central west last week.


Dubbo on Monday, 10,670 lambs penned in a fair quality yarding with a large percentage lacking weight and finish.

Processor light lamb rose $14, trade lambs gained $7 to $11, the few heavyweights also improved.

Merino lambs sold to solid competition with trade weights making from $143 to $150 and the heavyweights reached $184.

Forecast rain forced the restocker market up $20 with the better lambs realising from $103 to $152 while very young lambs sold from $50 to $98, hoggets topped at $188.

  • Quotations, light young lamb $50 to $136, medium young lamb $131 to $150, heavy young lamb $158 to $164, light supermarket lamb $175 to $178. Light lamb $74 to $140, medium lamb $140 to $165, heavy lamb $150 to $173, supermarket lamb $170 to $205.


10,870 mutton penned in a mixed quality yarding with most grades gaining $9 to $13.

  • Quotations, light ewes $50 to $98, medium ewes $96 to $156, heavy ewes $130 to $210, light wethers $66 to $94, medium wethers $110 to $154, heavy wethers $165 to $210, rams $80 to $170.


Wool sales are still on a 3-week recess.