New solar farm is approved at Maryvale, central west NSW

A solar farm at Maryvale has been approved. Photo: File.
A solar farm at Maryvale has been approved. Photo: File.

A new $188 million solar farm at Maryvale has been approved, by the NSW Department of Planning, Industry and Environment.

Executive Director of Energy and Resource Assessments Mike Young said it will provide around 125 megawatt (MW) of clean renewable energy.

"Maryvale solar farm is within the Central-West Renewable Energy Zone and will add to the growing hub of solar energy projects in the Dubbo area, bringing a fresh boost to the economy, diversifying industry for the region, as well as increasing electricity capacity," Mr Young said.

"The project will also support up to 150 local construction jobs over the 12-month construction period."

Mr Young said the solar farm also has the potential to save up to 265,000 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions, reducing NSW's overall emissions and powering around 46,500 homes with renewable energy.


"In NSW the solar industry is continuing to be a vital part of our energy mix as we transition to a cleaner and more sustainable energy future," Mr Young said.

"The proposal was assessed in line with the Government's Large-Scale Solar Guideline which provides clear and consistent guidance to both the community and industry on large-scale solar energy projects.

"The Department considered all potential impacts of the project and found it will have minimal impact on the surrounding natural environment and agricultural land," Mr Young said.

"This state significant project has been assessed on its merits and the Department is confident it will have real benefits for the local community and NSW."

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