Wellington High School students heading to School Spectacular

The voice: The nine Wellington High students who will be performing in the 2019 School Spectacular. Photo: Taylor Jurd.
The voice: The nine Wellington High students who will be performing in the 2019 School Spectacular. Photo: Taylor Jurd.

Their teachers know they've got the x-factor and soon students from Wellington High will show off their talent to thousands of people at this year's School Spectacular.

Nine local students will be adding their voices to the Combined Choir section during the annual entertainment extravaganza at Sydney from November 22 to 23.

They will sing anywhere between 20 to 30 songs in the four performances.

Year 11 student Taylor Cummings said she's always been a musical kid and loves to sing so joined the school's singing group last year.

While Year 8 student Will Dimmick said he enjoys singing because it is a way to express himself.

Both pupils were involved in going to the School Spectacular last year with their school.

They agreed meeting other schools was a lot of fun.

"I love making new friends," Taylor said.

"It's pretty interesting to meet new people all over the state," Will added.

Both encouraged other students to get involved in their school's choir because it's a great experience.

Teacher Gabrielle Magee said while School Spectacular is a huge experience, the students love every second of it.

"It's such a fun experience getting to spend that time with the kids, it's all about the music and performing," she added.

"Getting to spend time with the professionals in the music industry is really good for the kids as well."

While the students are currently practising for the big event, the sessions will ramp up as it gets closer.

Ms Magee and teacher Rebecca Brine were both very proud of the local students.

"It is an intense week but it is so wonderful...," Ms Brine said.

The school received a Charles Sturt University rural and regional arts grant to support the choirs travel to Sydney.

If anyone in the community is interested in attending the School Spectacular, tickets are available.

Schools Spectacular Creative Director, Sonja Sjolander said this year's theme, 'STARS', is a tribute to everybody involved in the Schools Spectacular.

"In the Schools Spectacular, everyone is a star," Ms Sjolander said.

"We are recognised as the biggest performance of its kind in the world, and to attain this success everyone has to shine in their role."