Maranatha House to receive cubby house thanks to Wellington High

Staff and students at Wellington High School have come together to help create and design a special cubby house that will soon be donated to Maranatha House.

Wellington High teacher Brittani Woods started at the school at the beginning of the year as the TAS and VET Construction teacher and as part of her training had to complete Cert I and Cert II in Construction.

She went down to Sydney with 17 other Construction teachers recently to complete her Cert I course, where they were tasked with building a cubby house to be donated to charities and organisations.

Straightaway Ms Woods knew she wanted to bring one back to Wellington, so contacted Head Teacher Tammy Nugent and VET Coordinator Alicia Stevenson for suggestions.

Ms Nugent explained to her that a childcare centre will be built at Maranatha House to help integrate the older and younger generations.

That tugged at Ms Woods' heart strings and so she contacted Dixie Robinson from Maranatha House who was thrilled to accept the play design.

After Ms Woods' father helped deliver the cubby house to town, she got in touch with Chris Daley and Mason Williams from the Clontarf Academy to see if the boys would be interested in painting it.

The Wellington High Clontarf boys have their own special connection with Maranatha House residents, as they frequently visit them as part of afternoon activities.

"It was amazing to see how excited the boys were and as soon as it was on the ground they were getting in it to check it out," Ms Woods said.

"I think they were pretty impressed with it, one of my Year 11 Construction students Tyreek Frail even made the comment 'Miss you can build'."

She told the boys the design was up to them so straight away they were coming up with lots of ideas, including Aboriginal designs and the Maranatha House logo.

"I've decided to make a design challenge out of it, the boys are to come up with a design for each side of the cubby house and we will choose our favourite four designs to be painted. We might get the residents to decide which are the winning designs," she explained.

"I can't wait to see the end result and the smiles it will put on the faces of our older and younger generation."