Stock Report | Increased number of cattle penned

Rain fall on Friday night and Saturday morning yielding 6 to 11mm around the district giving a little follow up from the previous week.

At Dubbo last Thursday 5,375 prime cattle penned in an increased number of cattle which were of mainly plain quality.

Trade young cattle fell 8 cents, feeder steers were firm for lighter weights and gained 12 cents for the heavier weights, feeder heifers lost 15 to 20 cents.

The feeder steers sold from 262 to 316 cents, while the feeders ranged from 212 to 255 cents. Restocker young cattle dropped 15 to 25 cents, young steers traded from 206 to 294 cents, while young heifers realized 165 to 258 cents per kg.

Heavy steers were down 12 cents, heavy heifers fell 6 cents, cows were 9 to 13 cents cheaper.

  • Quotations, calves 50 to 250, steer vealers 190 to 290, heifer vealers 165 to 260, steer yearlings 197 to 316, heifer yearlings 168 to 286, heavy steers 198 to 298, bullocks 220 to 296, heavy heifers 126 to 281, light cows 77 to 141, medium cows 125 to 198, heavy cows 168 to 234, bulls 200 to 235.

At CTLX Carcoar last Friday 4,060 store cattle penned in a good quality yarding with a top selection of well bred steers and heifer weaners along with some outstanding PTIC cows.

It was a dearer sale, steer weaners sold from $270 to $1,115 to average $685 or 253 cents per kg. Three pens of yearling steers made from $975 to $1,225 to average 312 cents per kg. Weaner heifers ranged from $145 to $750 to average $550 or 215 cents per kg. Heifer yearlings traded from $730 to $925 while a single pen of PTIC heifers realised $1,310. PTIC cows sold from $700 to $1,210, cows and calves ranged from $585 to $1,520 for Angus on their second calf. Unjoined cows traded from $300 to $1,150.


Dubbo on Monday 18,070 lambs penned in a very good quality yarding with a top selection of heavy lambs along with some good trade lambs and well finished Merinos.

Processor light lambs were firm to $3 cheaper, trade lambs were firm to $3 dearer, heavy lambs rose $4 to $9, Merino lambs were firm, with trade weights selling from $142 to $170, while the heavy end ranged from $180 to $200.

Restocker lambs were close to firm, trading from $106 to $160, restocker light Merino's realised from $65 to $95, hoggets topped at $200.

  • Quotations, light lamb $76 to $155, medium lamb $135 to $169, heavy lamb $155 to $195, supermarket lamb $183 to $234, export lamb $200 to $268. 9,240 mutton penned with most grades falling $4 to $7.
  • Quotations, light ewes $60 to $107, medium ewes $90 to $177, heavy ewes $120 to $231, light wethers $55 to $93, medium wethers $99 to $162, heavy wethers $167 to $245, rams $98 to $146, ram lambs $143 to $177.


Schute Bell report that last week's wool market despite a large reduction in the national offering and a further weakening of the Australian dollar, the market closed in negative territory. The effect of ongoing drought conditions is evident in the market with norther region not having enough wool of 21 micron and broader on offer to form a market quote for these types.

Once again the market was brought down by an abundance of off-style lower yielding types with AWEX reporting a 15% drop in volume of style 4 Merino wool offered for the season to date. Crossbreds were again dearer, 28,576 bales were sold with a passed in rate of 12.9% the seasonal fall in total volume offered is now well over 200,000 bales. The northern region indicator closed at 1,989 cents per kg clean a fall of 8 cents. The forward market last week saw contracts changing hands as far out as 2021.