Swift street fire appears to have been deliberately lit

An early morning fire at the Wellington Civic Hall on Swift Street has been contained by firefighters, but not before causing damage to the building's ceiling.

"We were called to a building fire at the Civic Centre at approximately 3.20am this morning, on arrival we found the secure garbage service area had been deliberately set alight and the fire had breached the roof of that compartment and extended into the ceiling space of the adjoining kitchen," Fire and Rescue Station Commander Mark Moroney said.

"The fire was contained to those areas, and smoke got in the entire building which required ventilation."


Station Commander Moroney said the fire had similarities to other fires that occurred recently, due to the lighting of wizz bins.

"At this stage, police will be carrying out an investigation to determine who is responsible or what the cause of the fire was, it appears to be deliberately lit as there were a number of wizz bins set alight at the same time in different areas of the town."

Station Commander Moroney said that three other fires had been lit that firefighters responded to.

"Two that we are aware of," Station Commander Moroney said.

"We also responded to one in the early hours of Tuesday as well, so there appears to be unknown people deliberately setting fires."

Members of the Wellington Eisteddfod committee were contacted by council representatives who assured them that repairs should be completed by the end of May.

"Apparently, the damage was not as bad as first thought," Eisteddfod president Bob Collier said.

"If all goes well with repairs, hopefully by the end of May, then both the Wellington Amateur Theatrical Society and Eisteddfod can go ahead as planned."