Geurie Public School receives promise of funding for new sports shed

Warren Wilson, Dugald Saunders, Violet Newberry, Chris Newberry and Violet and Alice Mitchell.
Warren Wilson, Dugald Saunders, Violet Newberry, Chris Newberry and Violet and Alice Mitchell.

Nationals candidate for the state district of Dubbo Dugald Saunders has promised funding for a new sports shed for Geurie as part of his election campaign. 

The sports shed will primarily function as a storage and equipment area for children's sporting equipment. 

Geurie Public School's Parents and Citizens Federation President Chris Newberry says that the P&C have been raising funds to pay for a school shed for nearly 'two and a half years'.

"We've been fundraising for the last two and a half to three years just for this specifically," Mr Newberry said.

Mr Newberry is optimistic that the funds already raised by the P&C for the project will be able to go towards acquiring other items for the schoolkids.

"We've raised about $15,000 so far towards it, but we didn't really want to pay for the shed."


"We're wiling to, because the kids need it, they need the shade, but we'd much rather spend the money on sporting equipment, iPads, something exciting for the kids to use rather than infrastructure that should really already be there."

Mr Saunders said that the promise of funding for the project would meet the requirements that had been anticipated by the P&C. 

"The P&C's been fund-raising for a shed that'll cost between twenty and thirty thousand dollars, my guarantee is for the most reasonable tender within that range, with a preference for local builders," Mr Saunders said.

Other candidates for the seat of Dubbo in the state election criticized the Nationals prior track record of investment in public school infrastructure. 

"If they were serious about education they would fully fund public schools and stop increasing support to private schools already doing quite well," Greens candidate Rod Pryor said.

"I'm very disappointed the National Party haven't given Geurie Public School the cash they so desperately deserve, rather than a handful of election promises," The Shooters, Fishers and Farmers candidate Lara Queally said. 

Country Labor candidate Stephen Lawrence called the sporting shed itself a 'good idea', before expressing concerns about the timing of the announcement.

"But the problem is the Nationals have waited to provide basic services and to make announcements until just before the election. Its all a bit grotesque, I think people see through this kind of tactic."

Independent candidate Mathew Dickerson called public schools 'incredibly important' to the education system.

"Funding school facilities should be a part of the normal operation of the education system. The promise of money for the Geurie Public School demonstrates that this Government has not paid enough attention to the school system over the past eight years," Mr Dickerson said.

April Salter of the Australian Conservatives and Joanne Cotterill of the Flux party were contacted for comment but did not respond in time for publication.