Wellington Sport results January 9 - Winning start to the year in bowls for Cope and Charlton

GROUP 11: Richard Peckham will link with Josh Starling at the Tigers for the 2019 season after playing last year in Wellington, his home town. Justin Toomey-White will be the Wellington Cowboys' coach for 2019. IMAGE: Nick McGrath
GROUP 11: Richard Peckham will link with Josh Starling at the Tigers for the 2019 season after playing last year in Wellington, his home town. Justin Toomey-White will be the Wellington Cowboys' coach for 2019. IMAGE: Nick McGrath



Twelve Bowlers took to the Greens in the last Wednesday’s Jackpot Bowls for 2018. Winners on the day were Graham Cope & Jack Charlton who defeated Tony Cowan & Kevin Stanley  15 – 8. Runners-up were Glen Porter & Norm Johnston who defeated Mo Clare & Ron Oxenham 14 – 13. Other results Don Graham & Terry Dray defeated Jason O’Brien & Garth Watts 11 – 9. The Jackpot was not won and Kevin Stanley won the Raffle.


Our first game for 2019 will be held this afternoon, names in by 1.00pm with a 1.30pm start. Phone 6845 1973. Zone 4 Bowling Association will be holding their half yearly meeting at our club on Saturday January 12. The 2019 Pennant Gradings and Draw will be announced at this meeting. First round of pennants will be Sunday March 3.


Wellington Golf Club had 48 golfers hit the course last Saturday with most teeing off early to avoid the heat, there were 4 visitors Tim Bereton from Yanchim WA, Mal Bereton from Yeovil, Tom McKenzie from Duntryleague, Gary Adams from Dubbo.

Last Saturday's events: The January Monthly Medal was kindly sponsored by Wellington Soldiers Memorial Club plus round 5 of the Kierle’s Pharmacy Summer Competition as well as the George Hollow Putting competition.

This Saturday’s events: Individual Stableford plus round 6 of the Keirles Pharmacy Summer competition with the Dirt Diggers doing the starting. All golfers are reminded that Pennants are beginning shortly if you would like to play please see the Captain John Donnelly as he will direct you to the appropriate person to contact.

A-grade Monthly Medal: January was Garth Watts who had a 75 off the stick nett 69, good round to start the year off. Runner up in A-grade on a count back was Gary McCarroll who finished with a 70nett. B-grade Monthly Medal winner for January was David Wilson with a 68nett on a count back. Runner up in B-grade was a new member and welcome to him, Drew Stone he also had a 68nett.

Ball competition winners were, David Wilson 68nett, Drew Stone 68nett, Garth Watts 69nett, Gary McCarroll 70nett, Norm Royal, Kevin Reid 70netts, Elton Keeffe, Geoff Walker, Ben McCarthy, Luke Milgate, Jamie Gersbach, Fletcher Ivey, Lewis McCarthy all with 71netts. Stubberfield Toyota terrific tee shot on the 3rd went it to John Donnelly 11mts, on the 8th it went to Elton Keeffe 5.63mts, on the 14th it went to Nathan Smith 2.9mts, on the 16th it went to Fletcher Ivey.

Gersbach’s Mechanical nearest the pin in 2 shots: on the 4th hole went to Russell Gersbach. McDonald's biggest whack in A-grade went to David East who whacked it 283m and in B-grade it went to Reid Armstrong. Brent's NFI award winner last Saturday was Kevin Whale who wasn't that far behind the next golfer, his final score was 86nett. George Hollow putting competition winner was Lewis McCarthy who only had 20 putts all day.

Draw for round 6 of the Kierle’s Pharmacy Summer Competition: Soldiers Club take on Sultans of Swing, the Bye take on McCarthy's Tiling, Goodsorts take on Old Masters, Von Zipper take on Lowes BP, Five O's take on Pheonix, Montefiore's Maulers take on Printers Devils, Dirt Diggers take on Maurie's Mates.

Results from round 5 of the Kierle’s Pharmacy summer competition: Dirt Diggers defeat Sultans of Swing 8up,  Soldiers Club defeated McCarthy's Tiling 4up, Old Masters defeated The Bye 4up, Lowes BP drew with Goodsorts, Phoenix defeated Von Zipper 5up, Maurie's Mates defeated Montefiore's Maulers 4up, Five O's defeated Printers Devils 10up.

Top 5 after 5 rounds: Phoenix 11.1pts, Soldiers Club 10.6pts, Goodsorts 10.1pts, Dirt Diggers 9.5pts, Printers Devils 9.4pts. Wellington Soldiers Memorial Club Pointscore: James Drew 30pts, Steven McCarroll 29pts, Gary Cusack 28pts, Tim Parker 27pts, Gary McCarroll 26pts. Raffle winner was Wayne Lang and the lucky schooner winner was Rod McMahon.

Thursdays Twilight golf competition: Rounds 12 and 13 have been played with the course rating on both rounds being 34 with Steven McCarroll winning round 12 with a 28nett and Peter Payne taking out round 13 with a 29nett, good to see the organisers claim a couple of wins.

The birdie holes have been squared and has now risen to 10 social drinks this week. Overall leaders at the halfway mark see's Russell Gersbach on -13, Coug Cowan -12 and Drew Stone -11. Raffle winners have been David Naveau and Mark Redfern, see everybody on the back 9 holes this week.



Eighteen Members participated in our last weekly swim for 2018 at the GEURIE POOL on Tuesday 18 December.  Colin Sheridan took out the 25 Metre event being 0.26 outside his nominated time. While Terry Dray took out the 50 metre event being 0.11 outside his nominated time. Bonni Sheridan & Mason Hill won the Junior Events. Luke Wykes & Colin Sheridan combined to win the Brace Relay being 0.48 outside their time. 75 on Arthur Monthly Point Score winners for December were Brooke George & Terry Dray. Swimming continues at the Geurie Pool each week commencing at 6.30pm sharp.We ask that members make an effort to be early to prevent us running overtime for the time allocated. Events will be 25 & 50 for Juniors and Seniors as well as the 2 x 50 metre Brace Relay draw for partners.

New Members are welcome with the proviso that they are members of the Wellington Soldiers Memorial Club and for Juniors to compete a family member must also compete on the night. Membership cost is $2 for Adults.

Please contact Terry Dray 0408294526 or Neil Miller 0438359348 for further information.

The 2019 Western District AIF Championships will be held in Condobolin on Sunday 10 February 2019. Cost for this trip is $60 per person and is required to be paid by Tuesday 15 January 2019. The 2019 National AIF Championships will be held in Victoria on Saturday March 2. Nominations close February 4.

Results for Tuesday – December 18: JUNIORS 25 metres: 1st Mason Hill 0.04; 2nd  Bonni Sheridan 0.07; 3rd Lochlan George 0.12. JUNIORS 50 metres: 1st  Bonni Sheridan 0.40; 2nd Lilly Sheridan 1.32; 3rd Isiah Hill 1.60

SENIORS 25 metres: 1st Colin Sheridan 0.26; 2nd Donna Cosier 0.37; 3rd  Mark Inwood 0.56. SENIORS 50 metres: 1st Terry Dray 0.11; 2nd Brooke George 0.31; 3rd Charlie Edwards 0.52

Brace Relay: 1st Luke Wykes & Colin Sheridan 0.48; 2rd Graham Cope & Aaron Edwards 0.53; 3rd Lochlan George & Peter Ryan 0.78


GROUP 10 and 11

The silly season is in full swing as clubs look to settle on their 2019 rosters and in some cases begin pre-season training. But who’s landing where?

Group 11


COACH: Brent Wood.

IN: Sam Dwyer (Bathurst St Pat’s), Brandon Tago (Bathurst St Pat’s).

OUT: Lewis Dwyer (Cowra)

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COACH: Cameron Greenhalgh.

OUT: Jake Grace (retired), Brad McMillan (retired), Charlie Staines (Penrith), Ben Robinson (retired), Farren Lamb (Oberon Tigers)


COACH: Justin Toomey-White, Aidan Ryan.

OUT: Richard Peckham (Oberon Tigers).



OUT: Claude Gordon (Cowra)

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COACH: Jarryn Powyer.

OUT: Matt Burton (Penrith)

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COACH: Wes Middleton.

IN: Brody Chapman, Wes Middleton (Narromine).

OUT: Dylan Hill (Narromine)


COACH: Dylan Hill.

IN: Dylan Hill (Macquarie)

OUT: Wes Middleton (Macquarie)


COACH: Justin Carney.

IN: Justin Carney (Hull)



COACH: Graeme Osborne.

IN: Jack Sullivan (West Harbour Pirates, rugby union), Josh Howarth (Bathurst St Pat’s), Tui Oloapu (Oberon Tigers).


COACH: Josh Starling.

IN: Matt Ranse (Blackheath Blackcats), Richard Peckham (Wellington Cowboys), Farren Lamb (Forbes Magpies).

OUT: Luke Branighan (Bathurst St Pat’s), Mickey Hawkings (Bathurst St Pat’s), Ben McAlpine (Orange CYMS), Dallas Booth (Portland Colts), Tui Oloapu (Lithgow Workies)


COACH: Jack Littlejohn.

IN: Jack Littlejohn (Salford Red Devils), Chase Burgess (Lakes United)


COACH: Doug Hewitt.

OUT: Jye Barrow (Molong Bulls), Kade Barrow (Molong Bulls).


IN: Luke Branighan (Oberon), Mickey Hawkings (Oberon)

OUT: Josh Howarth (Lithgow Workies), Sam Dwyer (Parkes Spacemen), Brandon Tago (Parkes Spacemen)


OUT: Tim Mortimer (Orange CYMS).


COACH: Kurt Hancock.

IN: Lewis Dwyer (Parkes), Claude Gordon (Westside), Logan Harris (Newcastle)


COACH: Dom Maley.

IN: Ben McAlpine (Oberon), Tim Mortimer (Blayney Bears).

OUT: Mick Sullivan (Wingham Tigers)


COACH: Willie Heta.

IN: Jared Brodrick (Corrimal)

OUT: Kyle Robbins (Port City Breakers)