Swainsona Recta monitoring workshops to be hosted at Arboretum

Flowering: Swainsona Recta in bloom. Photo: Alice Newton.

Flowering: Swainsona Recta in bloom. Photo: Alice Newton.

Following recent efforts to monitor and catalogue the endangered Swainsona Recta, or ‘Small Purple Pea’, botanists with Local Land Services are calling on volunteers to lend their time to monitoring deposits of the plant that have recently flowered.

Efforts will commence from Monday December 10 and run until Friday December 14 from 1 – 2pm onwards each day. 

Volunteers will have the opportunity to be involved in vital work marking and monitoring these endangered plants, as well as learning about valuable botanical skills over the course of the workshop. 

Efforts will begin at Mt. Arthur on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, before moving on Stuart Town on Wednesday and Thursday and finally wrapping up at the Arboretum and State Rec area on Friday. 

Those interested and looking for more information can contact Libby McIntyre on 0429 019 309.