Prisoner ignored recording to threaten victim during phone break-up

Orange Court House

Orange Court House

Despite a pre-recorded message warning that phone calls would be recorded at Macquarie Correctional Centre in Wellington, an inmate used an outgoing call to intimidate his partner.

The man who was serving a nine-month non-parole period of an 18-month jail sentence has since been released from custody and appeared in Orange Local Court on Monday.

Magistrate David Day said the 25-year-old man was the second person to appear in court that day who failed to listen to the pre-recorded message before making an outgoing call that resulted in charges being made against them. 

According to police, the man was due to be released on November 15 when he called the victim’s mobile on October 18 about noon.

I’m gonna slice your throat and take my kids.

Man threatened woman on jail phone

Police said the conversation became heated and the victim told him not to bother returning home to her or their children when he was released if he continued to be abusive towards her.

When he was told he wouldn’t be taking the children he was quoted as saying “I’m gonna slice your throat and take my kids”.

The man had logged his calls to the victim under a different woman’s name but several calls were made to the victim’s phone number that same day with the accused asking the victim why the children couldn’t live with him and why she had proceeded with Family Law proceedings. 

The man’s solicitor John Song said learning his relationship was ending did not excuse his behaviour.

Mr Day said about two thirds of women stick by their male partners when they go into custody but 85 per cent of men dump their female partners if they go into custody.

He gave the man a three-year supervised community corrections order.