NSW drought: Dubbo rainfall brings joy for graziers

THERE might be a green tinge in the paddocks at Brian Giddings’ farm in Wellington, but more rain is needed break the drought.

Wellington is one of the few locations in the Central West to have recorded above average rainfall during October.

So far this month 84.2 millimetres of rain has been recorded by the Bureau of Meteorology in Wellington, which is well above the town’s long-term average of 55.7mm.

Mr Giddings said, however, that so far this month very little rain had fallen on his mixed farming property, but he was hopeful.

“We got 15mm on Wednesday which was good and they’re talking pretty good rain on weekend,” he said.

Data from Weatherzone shows up to 30mm of rain could fall this weekend in Wellington.

There’s a green tinge, the sheep can get a little bit, but there’s nothing for the cattle.

Wellington farmer Brian Giddings

Mr Giddings has been hand-feeding his sheep and cattle for many months and he said more rain was needed to encourage pasture growth and stop the need for hand feeding.

“There’s a green tinge, the sheep can get a little bit, but there’s nothing for the cattle,” he said.

“I’m still feeding 20 big square bales a week for the cattle, I’m probably just feeding the sheep every second day.

“We ran out of grain a month ago and it’s too expensive to source.”

Mr Giddings said while the rainfall on Wednesday was very welcome, more was needed.

“That will give it a boost and more rain will turn it [the drought] around,” he said.

“It always takes three or falls to break a drought.”

Mr Giddings said despite the very tough times on the land, he was determined to come out the other side.

“For 142 years we’ve had this farm in our family and I don’t want to lose it,” he said.

So far this year, 255.3mm of rain has been recorded in Wellington by the Bureau of Meteorology which is well below the long-term average of 501.7mm by this time of the year.