Wellington Library | Saving power with new kit

Save Power Kit

With all the talk about rising electricity bills wouldn’t it be useful to know what appliances and areas of your home are using the most power?

The Save Power Kit is available from the library free of charge for a three week loan to help you figure out where your money is going and how to reduce your electricity usage.

The kit comes in its own case with full instructions on how to use the various power measuring devices to see which appliances are consuming the most power.

Included in the kit is an infrared thermometer to measure the surface temperature of an object, a stopwatch to time how long each person’s shower takes, save power thermometer, a compass to identify rooms with natural warmth from the sun, power mate lite to work out the cost of electricity in your home and how to guides.

Borrowers will also receive a save power worksheet and save power action plan to help reduce future electricity consumption in the home.

What’s New

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But his latest conviction is quickly becoming the trial of the century. Charged for his involvement in multiple assassinations, including that of his former partner and brother-in-law, Holleeder is finally being put on trial for murder, all due to the shocking testimony of his own family.

Having spent years as his unwilling consigliere, Holleeder’s own sister Astrid, is now breaking her silence and going on the record.

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