Eye on Wellington | Redevelopment under way

Moving Forward: Ben Shields, thrilled to see so many big projects underway in Wellington.
Moving Forward: Ben Shields, thrilled to see so many big projects underway in Wellington.

I am thrilled to see so many big projects under way in Wellington. From the redevelopment of the Wellington Memorial Pool to the beautification of the CBD and improvements at Cameron Park, there is plenty of work going on. When I was elected, I said how important it was that Wellington and the surrounding villages weren’t forgotten.

And I am pleased to say there is unprecedented levels of funding flowing in that are making so many large-scale projects possible. I have worked alongside the other nine Councillors, especially those who represent Wellington and the villages, to get these projects going as quickly as possible.

We have also worked with community groups to secure government funding to help them, with hundreds of thousands of dollars in grants secured since Wellington amalgamated with Dubbo. And we haven’t stopped looking at ways to do more.

You  may have seen last week that the Council has made unprecedented savings of $12 million in the last 12 months and that money will go straight back into benefiting residents.

One third of those savings will be channelled into roads funding. We all know there are plenty of roads that have fallen into disrepair, especially around Wellington, and this money will help us bring those up to scratch quicker.

The disability action plan will work on making Dubbo and Wellington easier to access for everyone. There is a lot of work to be done in that area but the disability inclusion panel will be able to identify the areas of greatest need.

In addition, Wellington residents will soon have greater access to Councillors. We have introduced three informal meetings to be held at intervals during the year, starting in November. They are designed to give you an additional channel to talk to elected officials and senior staff. It’s part of the way we are working to give Wellington the representation it deserves.