Wellington sporting news

After Round Seven: Sharks 43 points, BDDP 29 points, Soldiers 24 points, Were Here 16 points, Odd Ones Out 15 points, Him'N'Hers 13 points.

After Round Seven: Sharks 43 points, BDDP 29 points, Soldiers 24 points, Were Here 16 points, Odd Ones Out 15 points, Him'N'Hers 13 points.


Wellington Darts competition played Round 7 of it's Winter competition last Monday night at the Wellington Soldiers Memorial Club.

Allan Brown is still looking for a challenge for the belt with his last victim being being Helen Jeff's.

Sharks who are still cruising at the top after defeating the Odd One's Out by five legs to one.

Doubles results

Jason Robbins-Garth Watts lost to Helen Jeff's-Ken Fairley and Allan Brown-Alf Wilson defeated Cindy Croker-Christian Bramford.

Singles results

Jason Robbins defeated Robert Driscoll, Garth Watts defeated Ken Fairley, Allan Brown defeated Helen Jeff's, Alf Wilson defeated Christian Bramford.

Soldiers team came out firing by defeating BDDP who will struggle, they played one short, final score was four legs to two.

Doubles results

James Smith-Teena Hill defeated Dorren Saunders and Richard Kent-Mark Phillips lost to David Wilson-Carl Ludwig.

Singles results

Mark Phillips defeated Dorren Saunders, Richard Kent defeated David Wilson, Teena Hill lost to Carl Ludwig and James Smith won again on forfeit.

Were Here and Him'N'Hers needed a win but after some close match's they couldn't be separated with the final score being three all.

Doubles results

Peter Baker-Parish Petrovic lost to Jason Cornish-Wendy Wilson and Scott-Tracey Reid lost to Kirsty-Hayley Watts.

Singles results

Parish Petrovic defeated Kirsty Watts, Peter Baker defeated Hayley Watts, Scott Reid lost to Jason Cornish, Tracey Reid defeated Wendy Wilson.

High scores

Jason Robbins 2x140, 125, 2x100, Garth Watts 140, 3x100, Carl Ludwig 140, 100, Parish Petrovic 133, 121, Wendy Wilson 133, 105, Richard Kent 133, Jason Cornish 116, 3x100, Teena Hill 118, David Wilson 116, Alf Wilson 2x100, Scott Reid 100, Cindy Croker 100, Ken Fairley 100, Allan Brown 100.

High pegs went to Teena Hill for the ladies with 24 and Richard Kent and what a jag with 67.

Draw for Round 8

Him'N'Hers taking on Odd Ones Out, Were Here take on BDDP, Sharks take on Soldiers.

Points table after Round 7

Sharks 43 points, BDDP 29 points, Soldiers 24 points, Were Here 16 points, Odd Ones Out 15 points, Him'N'Hers 13 points.


Saturday saw an increase of golfers with 38 hitting the fairways at the Wellington Golf Club.

Last Saturday saw the playing of the September Monthly Medal plus the Neil Hollow Putting competition with the Wellington Soldiers Memorial Club the kind sponsor of the day.

This Saturday's event is an Individual Stableford with Mal Scott the kind sponsor of the day.

Coming events for September 15 for a four ball Aggregate, Final Cornish Trophy, September 22 there will be a  Individual Stableford, and on September 29 an Individual Stableford, Gulgong visit.

Coming events for October; sixth Round 1 of the Club Champion's, seventh Round 2 of the Club Championship's, 20th Round 1 of the Matchplay Championship's.

A grade Medal winner was Lewis McCarthy who put together a couple over par round and finish with a 69nett.

Runner up in A grade was Elton Keeffe who finished with 71 nett. B grade Medal winner on a three way count back was David Wilson who finished with 68nett. Runner up in B grade was Mitchell Spradbrow, by half a shot, 68nett.

Ball competition winners were David Wilson, Mitchell Spradbrow, James Drew 68 nett, Lewis McCarthy 69nett, Liam Brien, Rod Pedron 70 nett, Elton Keeffe, Gary Cusack, Brent Eather 71 nett,  Steven McCarroll, Gary McNaughton, John Gersbach, Errol Flood 72 nett.

Ron Stubblefield Toyota Terrific Tee Shots, the third went to John Donnelly eight meters, the eighth went to Tim Parker, the 14th went to Rod Irwin, the 16th went to Brent Eather.

Gersbachs Mechanical nearest the pin in two shots went to Luke Milgate who hit two great shots on the second hole went to John Donnelly.

McDonald's biggest whack in A grade went to Kurt Cusack and in B grade it went to Peter Mason and good to see Peter back on the course.

Brent's NFI award winner last Saturday was David Gillard who played like his nick name with his final score being 88nett.

Final of the Cornish Trophy will see Kevin Reid and Garth Watts taking on Rod McMahon-Liam Brien. The final is to be played by the September 15.

Top five in the Wellington Soldier's Memorial Pointscore after ten rounds see's Kurt Cusack 161 points, John Donnelly 150 points, Gary McCarroll 138pts, Norm Royal 131 points, Malcolm Payne 126 points. Raffle winner was Russell Gersbachand the schooner went to Tim Parker.

Wellington High

Sevens Superstars Wellington High School entered three teams into the Central West School Rugby Sevens Tournament held in Dubbo, 13s boys, 15s boys and an opens girls. They played a variety of teams including: St John’s Dubbo, Macquarie Anglican Grammar, Dubbo Christian School and Gilgandra High School.

The girl’s side won one of their three games and were competitive in the other two. Best on ground went to SarahMay. The 13s boys played the day with only seven players. Best on ground went to Jerome Barker. Kate was also selected for the Central West under 13’s girls sevens side. She will compete in this side later in the term. The 15s boys were well coached all day by stand in coach Eli Cox. The boys saved their best performance for the last game against Gilgandra. They racked up five tries in the 14 minute game which pleased the coach. Best on ground went to Mitchell Whale.