Wellington's Arts and Sculpture Festival thrills audience | Photos

Organisers celebrated the event as huge success as a number of highly talented artists and sculptors contributed their works to the Festival’s art and sculpture gala on Sunday. 

“We’re absolutely thrilled to bits. We we very well supported by the community.” President Lisa Thomas of the Wellington Arts said.

The art and sculpture display was preceded by an acrobatics show by Gravity and Other Myths on Saturday. 

“It was a real acrobatic achievement, the crowd were absolutely in awe, they haven’t stopped talking about it all day.” 

The award-winning gymnasts also offered an acrobatics workshop for the children alongside Sunday’s artistic display.

“We’re really going to struggle to outdo ourselves next year.”

The displays themselves involved a number of local artists and sculptors, including classes from the local schools who worked on group projects for display. 

While the children’s work wasn’t for sale, Wellington Public School Stage 2 class did walk away with a monetary prize for their efforts after a people’s vote.

Many of the contributors to the sculpture and arts galleries did find their work being purchased, however, with several pieces leaving in the hands of impressed collectors. 

“It’s gone wonderfully for all of us,” artist Claire Barwick said. 

“I was very pleased to see just how much talent there was on display.”

“I’m not surprised so much art sold. The quality here was extremely high, People recognised that and bought collectibles,” Ms Thomas said.

The two-day event was made possible by sponsor ships from organizations like the Dubbo Regional Council and energy company Infigen. 

Organisers in the Wellington Arts Centre also raised funds towards making the festival possible.

“I really must thank the community for supporting us and making this possible,” Wellington Arts Vice President Kim Kiss said.