Wellington Stock Report

Selling: Ross Plasto and Aaron O'Leary of Plasto and Company, Wellington, with the national record $286.20 a head. Photo: Dubbo Stock, Station Agents' Rebecca Sharpe.
Selling: Ross Plasto and Aaron O'Leary of Plasto and Company, Wellington, with the national record $286.20 a head. Photo: Dubbo Stock, Station Agents' Rebecca Sharpe.

Good rain fell over the weekend with measurements of 4 to 7mm on Friday night and 9 to 11mm on Monday morning.

This is the best precipitation we have had for several months and may it continue.

At Dubbo last Thursday 5460 cattle penned at the Prime sale in a better quality yarding, with a couple of large consignments of trade weight cattle coming off irrigated pastures. There were still plenty of light store cattle and light cows in the yarding.

The best trade cattle were firm, however most were five to 11 cents cheaper, feeder steers and light feeder heifers fell by up to 28 cents, however the heavier heifers were firm.

Re-stocker young cattle rose ten to 15 cents, with young steers selling from 134 to 268 cents and the heifer portion ranging from 110 to 230 cents.

Heavy steers were limited and lost up to 13 cents, heavy heifers were around firm, plain cows were 40 to 60 cents cheaper, while the better finished cows eased 15 to 20 cents per kg.

Bulls also were cheaper.

Quotations calves 15 to 190, steer vealers 134 to 280, heifer vealers 110 to 319, steer yearlings 180 to 318, heifer yearlings 120 to 279, heavy steers 134 to 290, bullocks 196 to 284, heavy heifers 95 to 275, light cows 20 to 140, medium cows 60 to 196, heavy cows 135 to 225, bulls 80 to 230.

On Friday at Dubbo 550 store cattle penned in a pretty good quality yarding.

Included in the sale was a large consignment of good quality cattle from Wyangerie Station at Quambone, which included Hereford weaners along with some Charolais cross Angus and Santa Gertrudis heifers which were PTIC to Angus and Charolais bulls.

Weaner steers sold from $160 to $540 to average $331 or 187 cents per kg, weaner heifers ranged from $75 to $405 to average $331, yearling steers traded from $420 to $510 to average $465 or 133 cents per kg.

PTIC Charolais heifers realised $700 to $1000, while the PTIC Angus and Santa heifers made $440 to $670.

A line of good quality Santa cows with Charolais X calves topped the cow and calf market, with the remainder selling from $250 to $810. PTIC cows ranged from $420 to $690 to avg $593, while unjoined cows traded from $185 to $315 to avg $250.

Dubbo on Monday 17600 lambs penned in a very plain quality yarding, with light lambs in the majority showing the effects of the dry season.

Only a few pens of heavy lambs that had received supplementary feed and very limited numbers of ideal trade lambs.

Processor light lambs fell $4 to $9, trade lambs lost  $11 to $16, heavy lambs were down $13 to $20 for the lighter weights, while the extra heavies eased $6 to $9.

Merino lambs were $12 to $14 cheaper, with trade weights making $112 to $177 and the heavy end topped at $178.

Re-stocker lambs were firm with the better types making $73 to $115, First cross ewe lambs reached $145, hoggets sold to $161.

Quotations medium young lamb $120 to $130, light lamb $14 to $118, medium lamb $115 to $155, heavy lamb $144 to $182, supermarket lamb $170 to $230, export lamb $207 to $283.

10300 mutton penned in a mostly plain quality yarding where the light sheep were $14 to $18 cheaper and the heavier end only eased $3 to $6

Quotations light ewes $2 to $79, medium ewes $64 to $132, heavy ewes $102 to $170, light wethers $17 to $60, medium wethers $82 to $115, heavy wethers $125, rams $62 to $120, ram lambs $50 to $190.

There were no wool sales held this week due to mid winter break.

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Donations can be made to WPS office. You can also visit www.buyabale.com.au or call 1300 327 624.