Wellington man charged for allegedly possessing tools for break-ins

Police have charged a Wellington man at the weekend for possessing tools which could be used for a break-in.

About 11.50pm on Sunday, police from the Orana Mid-Western district were conducting patrols in Marsh Street when a motor vehicle drew their attention.

Police had cause to stop and speak to the occupant of the vehicle. Police searched the vehicle and will allege they found implements capable of being used to break into vehicles and houses. The implements included a black balaclava.

Police further allege they located a small amount methyl-amphetamine, commonly known as ice within the vehicle.

A 26-year-old man from Wellington was placed under arrest and returned to Wellington Police Station. He was charged with possessing house breaking implements and will appear at the Wellington Local Court on July 17.

The police said they would continue to target people who were intent on breaking into vehicle and houses.