Council meeting moved to Tuesday night

It should be a quick meeting as the Dubbo Regional councillors vote on committee items on Tuesday night.

The Planning Development and Environment Committee, Infrastructure, Community and Recreation Committee as well as the Economic, Business and Corporate Committee meetings were moved from Monday night due to the public holiday.

The agenda is scarce for the committee meetings.

As well as a road and walkway closure, the committees – comprised of Dubbo Regional councillors –  will look at the building summary for May and the report of the Social Justice and Crime Prevention Committee.

Councillors will also vote on an updated Investment Policy and Investment Strategy.

Last month the committee meetings lasted for about ten minutes.

The live stream of the meeting can be seen on the Dubbo Regional Council website.The stream is also saved so it can be watched after the meeting ends.

The June Ordinary Meeting of Council will be held on Monday, June 25 at 5.30pm.