Officers conduct sweep on jail visitors

LIFE ON THE INSIDE: Wellington corrections officers inside a maximum security cell block.
LIFE ON THE INSIDE: Wellington corrections officers inside a maximum security cell block.

Police from the Orana Mid Western Police District and officers from Corrective Services NSW joined forces on Saturday at the Wellington Correctional Centre with a target on visitors who were attempting to take prohibited substances into the jail. 

The operation consisted of specially-trained police and corrective officers, as well as sniffer dogs, who together conducted a sweep on unsuspecting visitors to the jail.

All up 104 vehicles and 194 visitors were searched which resulted in tobacco, methyl-amphetamine, drug deal bags, syringes, and a credit card knife being found.

A number of persons will be facing charges of being in possession of a prohibited drug, supplying a prohibited drug, introduce a prohibited drug into a corrections facility, and possession of a prohibited weapon.

Inspector Dan Skelly of Orana Mid Western Police District said police will continue conducting random operations targeted at stamping out the introduction of prohibited contraband at the Correctional Centre at Wellington.

He said the latest operation doubles as a warning for people who plan on visiting the Wellington Correctional Centre in future that they will be caught and will be made to face the appropriate repercussions. 

"These collaborative operations, between police and corrections officers, will continue on a random basis and are designed to keep jails free of prohibited drugs which often leads to violence within the jail,” Inspector Skelly said.

“Visitors to the jail need to be on notice that if they intend to come to the jail carrying prohibits drugs, other prohibited substances, and weapons they will be caught and charged accordingly.

“It may then be the case they go from visitor to inmate."